Mysterious Samsung Galaxy ‘X’ smartphone in 2017 could offset Galaxy Note 7 failure
A Samsung smartphone box is pictured in an illustration taken October 19, 2016.REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger

Technology giant Samsung, which was hit by the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, is now rumoured to launch a mysterious smartphone in 2017 that is expected to drive the company back into the thick of things. This handset, currently dubbed by loyalists as the Galaxy X could also be a foldable smartphone.

Now, there are multiple references to a patent which Samsung is said to have applied for at the Intellectual Property Office in South Korea with respect to a foldable smartphone design. Rumour mills are currently on an overdrive as these are pegging the launch of this handset during 2017.

Expectations among loyalists are also intense, with respect to Samsung officially unveiling a phone with a foldable display. The above reports only add to the increased hype and anticipation.

Nomenclature of the 'expected' foldable galaxy smartphone is said to be Galaxy X. This phone could strike the right chords considering the fact that the South Korean company is expected to come out with a really good smartphone, and its next offering could in all probability be this. Samsung loyalists across the world are desperately expecting the next Samsung smartphone to offset the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7 (hit by the explosion scandal). Therefore, the next device is expected to be a creative and straight-forward unit.

[Source: IANS, GSMArena].