ufo, Rosewell crash, Roswell Rock, alien, ufo, mystery,
Youtube screenshot/ Secureteam10

The alleged Roswell UFO crash may have taken place in mid-1947 on a ranch in New Mexico, now, however, a mysterious rock has been discovered at the same spot. The rock is being referred to as the 'Roswell Rock'.

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According to conspiracy theorists and UFOlogists, an alien flying saucer crashed near Roswell, but the incident was eventually covered up by US government agencies.

ufo, Rosewell crash, Roswell Rock, alien, ufo, mystery,
YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

Military officials initially announced that it was indeed a UFO crash, but they later changed their statement saying it was just a United States Air Force (USAF) weather balloon that had crashed in the area.

ufo, Rosewell crash, Roswell Rock, alien, ufo, mystery, controversy,
This image is believed to be attempt by the military to cover up the Roswell crash, a UFO hunter revealed.YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

SecureTeam 10 UFO hunter, Tyler Glockner, claimed the cover-up was to hide the truth behind the event. He even claimed that a photograph released by the military at the time, was done to hide the truth.

Further revelations were made, with the help of advanced technology, that investigated a memo spotted in the hands of a military official at Roswell. It is alleged the memo was later destroyed, but not before theorists attempted to decode what was written on it.

ufo, Rosewell crash, Roswell Rock, alien, ufo, mystery, controversy,
YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

The memo allegedly spoke about  a "disc" that was going to be shipped out by the military and also about the victims recovered from the crash site. 

In 2004, a man named Robert Ridge, 56, was in the desert around Roswell. He found a strange smooth stone that had some well-crafted, though unidentifiable, symbols carved on it.

ufo, Rosewell crash, Roswell Rock, alien, ufo, mystery, controversy,
Alien artifact found by Robert Ridge, 40, near the area where the infamous Roswell crash had taken place.YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

This alien artefact was found close to the site of the alleged UFO crash. According to alien hunter Tyler, the symbol on the rock appears to represent the lunar cycle. This led to the hypothesis that the rock could have been a leftover of the UFO crash at Roswell. 

What made this rock so noteworthy was the allegedly magnetic qualities it possessed, if a magnet was placed at the north end of the rock, it move counter clockwise, and if the magnet was placed towards the south end it moved clockwise. 

Some claim that the man who found the rock, Robert Ridge, was the one who created it, while others claimed that magnets have been inserted into the rock in order to make it react in the manner it does.

This rock was taken taken to a radiologist where it was CAT scanned and X-rayed, the results showed the rock had no magnet or any other material inside it. 

This rock didn't even have enough magnetite which could provide it with the magnetic field it possessed naturally.

ufo, Rosewell crash, Roswell Rock, alien, mystery, controversy, crop circle,
It was further discovered that the design carved on the alien artifact matched with a crop circle which was spotted 8 years earlier in Lexington, England.YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

Though there has not been any evidence pointing towards this rock being extraterrestrial, an extremely bizarre disclosure was made. It was discovered that the design carved on to the alien artifact matched a crop circle spotted eight  years earlier in Lexington, England. 

Many people have tried copying and replicating the unique design present on the original rock, but the magnetic property cannot be recreated, unless a magnet is inserted into the rock.

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