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In the upcoming episode, titled "The Mystery of the Unwelcome Houseguest", of "The Mysteries of Laura" Season 2, Laura's life is in danger and she must survive and find a psychopath killer.

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The synopsis of the episode reads: Laura's life is in danger, so she fights to survive and defeat a killer as the murder case of perfume mogul Michael Dunham takes a shocking turn.

The mysterious attacker has tried to assault Laura on several occasions. However, she has dodged the attacks every time. Though Laura knows well to protect herself, she must find the attacker before he can harm her, or worse, manage to kill her.

Laura has certain reasons to believe her attacker is the same person who killed perfume mogul Michael Dunham. However, while investigating the case, she comes to know something about the killer's identity that leaves her completely shocked.

How Laura plans to catch the killer and whether she finds his real identity  will be seen only in the next episode.

In the previous episode, titled "The Mystery of the Downward Spiral", the perfume mogul was killed in a savage manner and the investigation yielded no prime suspect.

Meanwhile, Laura and Jake were at odds when they tried to define the current state of their relationship.

The murder of the perfume businessman had shaken the police headquarters, and Laura had been commanded to investigate the case.

However, she was not her usual self as her constant on-and-off relationship with Jake was taking a toll on her thinking skills.

She was in a dilemma: She wanted Jake to stay with her, but at the same time wanted to concentrate on the current case.

Even Jake was going through the same dilemma. He needed to concentrate on his career, but the thought of Laura never left his mind and he dreaded the day they would have to separate.

"The Mysteries of Laura" Season 2 Episode 11, titled "The Mystery of the Unwelcome Houseguest", will air on NBC on 20 January.