Laura is busy solving the current cases that need her attention. However, no matter how hard she tries, she is unable to get thoughts of Jake out of her mind in the upcoming episode, titled "The Mystery of the Downward Spiral", of "The Mysteries of Laura" Season 2.

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The synopsis by says a perfume mogul is killed in a savage manner and the investigation yields no prime suspect.

Meanwhile, Laura and Jake are at odds when they try to define the current state of their relationship.

The murder of the perfume businessman has shaken the police headquarters, and Laura has been commanded to investigate the case.

However, she is not her usual self as her constantly-on-and-off relationship with Jake is taking a toll on her thinking skills.

She is in a dilemma: She wants Jake to stay with her, but at the same time wants to concentrate on the current case.

It seems even Jake is going through the same dilemma. He needs to concentrate on his career right now, but the thought of Laura never leaves his mind and he dreads the day when they will have to separate.

Whether they sort it out and stay together happily will be revealed only in the upcoming episodes.

In the previous episode, titled "The Mystery of the Tripple Threat", when two men playing a scavenger hunt game found a man's dead body in a cathedral, Laura and the team investigated both the game's players and the victim's personal life to discover the truth.

Elsewhere, Laura's relationship with Tony came to a crossroads, while she also learnt Jake had been lying to her about his medical condition.

Even though Laura now knows Jake had been lying to her all the time, she is finding hard to get angry on him, and that is adding to her irritation. Whether she forgives will become clear in "The Mystery of the Downward Spiral."