#MySalaryisLike trends on Twitter
#MySalaryisLike trends on TwitterTwitter

Salary is a touchy subject, people don't share details with others, not even with their family members. 

But since Monday afternoon, the hashtag '#MySalaryIsLike' is trending at the top on Twitter, all in a lighter vein, with many users comparing their salaries with politicians of all hues.

The comparisons range from Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence in India (to indicate how 'scarce' it is), Rahul Gandhi's Brain, Manmohan Singh's Swag, Shashi Tharoor's Restraint to Lalu's Loyalty.     

While a user takes a dig at Rahul Gandhi, saying "#MySalaryIsLike Rahul Gandhi's brain, under developed", another attacks the government by tweeting, "MySalaryIsLike Government schemes. Looks great only on paper."

Some have compared their salaries with flash sales, ghost and their relationships in life, which don't last long.

Check out some hilarious tweets with the hashtag #MySalaryIsLike below:

DaatanchiTaai ‏

#MySalaryIsLike Narendra Modi's days in India. Scarce.

Haryanvi Tau 

#MySalaryIsLike RaGa's Brains, Manmohan Singh's Swag, Tharoor's Restraint, Lalu's Loyalty and NaMo's Reticence.

Dhwani ‏

#MySalaryIsLike my relationships. It hardly lasts a week.

Puneet sharma ‏

#MySalaryIsLike someone is playing with my #emotions it ends before i could do anything for me...:-(

Manikandan ‏

#MySalaryIsLike a guest which visits once a month and leaves immediately


#MySalaryIsLike a mosquito. Gone in 10 days.

Diwakar Mishra 

#MySalaryIsLike A Flash Sale... Gone is Days...


#MySalaryIsLike is like fish out of a pond....doesn't last long once withdrawn from an ATM....

andy gigolo ‏

#MySalaryIsLike ghost. Everyone heard about It, but i never saw it.