Director SS Rajamouli, who will be honoured with the Padma Shri award, has revealed that his name was recommended by the Karnataka government and he was not aware of it.

Hours after the Padma Shri award winners list was announced on 25 January, SS Rajamouli took to his Twitter and said that he did not deserve the honour. "I dont know what to say. It is quite a mixed feeling. Very frankly i don't feel I deserve the honour. This is not humility. I am quite aware of my achievements. But i haven't created any artistic brilliance that deserves this honour," he wrote. 

"Awarding Ramoji rao garu and Rajanikanth garu with Padma Vibhushan is so apt. Their work created a lasting impression that will reflect even on generations to come. It makes me even more humbled to share the occasion with such stalwarts. But cant deny that it also makes me so happy and proud to be with them."

SS Rajamouli revealed that the Andhra Pradesh government too had recommended his name, but dropped it after repeated requests. "Last year the govt of AP wanted to recommend my name for Padma Sri. I requested them not to citing the same reasons. They insisted. But upon my repeated requests, they dropped my name. This year i was not consulted," he tweeted. 

The director explained that he was surprised when he started receiving congratulatory messages. "I was wondering how this happened when I came to know that I was recommended by the Karnataka government."

In conclusion SS Rajamouli said that he is delighted to be a son of four states of south India. "I was born in Karnataka, studied in Andhra Pradesh, worked in Tamil Nadu and settled in Telangana. Happy to be a son of all the states."