CM Yediyurappa

Karnataka's farmers have been protesting the farm bills since last week. Now with the Karnataka bandh announced, farmers have been demanding that the government hear their demands and act on them. Karnataka CM Yediyurappa addressing the state, said that these bills were in favour of the farmers. 

Asserting that the farmers would see the benefits of this six months later, the CM asked for restraint and more discussion on the matter. 

Karnataka CM Yediyurappa speaks about his concern for farmers

Following the massive protests across Karnataka, the CM has addressed farmers trying to allay fears and concerns. CM Yediyurappa on Monday said that farmers would only stand to gain from the recently passed bills. 

Speaking about it he said, "It's my crop, my right. They can sell agricultural produce anywhere in India. We haven't closed doors of APMC, you can sell it at APMC or wherever you can get a fair price. I request farmers, wait for another 6 months or a year. You'll get to know how it'll help you."

In a series of tweets the CM said:

The amendment of the APMC Act and the Land Improvement Act will not be a problem for the farmers. As a farmer's son, I work as a chief minister with the blessings of the farmers. Plenty of talk and amendments have been made for the better future of the country's farmers."- @BSYBJP/Twitter

He added:

With the APMC amendment, farmers can sell their crops at a good rate, either at APMC or in any part of the country. Previously sold outside, they were fined. Farmers have been freed from this detention. APMC does not close the door. Farmers' relatives are being misled."- @BSYBJP/Twitter

He also spoke about the needs of the industry:

Under the Land Acquisition Act no irrigation land is allowed. A family can only buy 54 acres of land. 22 lakhs of land is barren without cultivation. With this amendment anyone can farm. Also, the industry needs it. Industrialization in non-agricultural land creates employment."- @BSYBJP/Twitter

Speaking about clarifications and who will be protected the CM said:

Irrigation Land Reserve for Irrigation. There is no provision for land purchase of Scheduled Castes and Classes. We have been careful not to hurt small, small farmers. There is no barrier to industrialization in barren lands. My concern for the farmer organizations - don't necessarily confuse the farmers. Come and talk to me."- @BSYBJP/Twitter

Yediyurappa tweet

After the criticism by the opposition and the resistance from the farming community, it's yet to be seen whether this will be enough to put their fears to rest.