Priyamani, who juggle between multiple states on work, is stuck in Mumbai ever since the lockdown is imposed across the country to prevent the spread of Coronavirus aka COVID-19. But the actress is spending the time with her family members and enjoying the break from work.

Priyamani with her Husband Mustufa
Priyamani with her husband Mustufa.Priyamani Instagram

How is Priyamani spending her time?
In an interview with The Times of India, Priyamani has said that she is watching movies, web series and television shows during the lockdown. She is busy with her household shores.

When asked about her husband Mustafa, Priyamani admitted that the lockdown has helped them stay together for the longest period since their marriage in 2017. She also talks about her husband fasting during the holy month of Ramzan.

"The holy month of Ramzan is on. Mustufa and his mother are fasting, while his father and I aren't. I help his mum in the kitchen. I don't cook, so, I help her set the table. Especially before their evening namaz, when all of them are praying and ready to break the fast, I set the table and keep everything ready, so all they have to do is come and sit.

We then sit together as a family and spend time together. I am enjoying every moment of this. We are watching movie and series together. We are also re-watching some of those series together. We discuss the lockdown and keep in touch with our friends from the world over and play games. We also make our trips to the grocery store every 8-9 days," the daily quotes the 35-year old as saying.

Priyamani, Mustafa Raj
Priyamani and Mustafa Raj during their wedding reception in BengaluruFacebook

Many celebrities are using Instagram and other platforms to connect with their fans and Priyamani too has done live sessions. "Honestly, it is great to promote something. But, personally, I keep away from unnecessarily exposing myself. In the lockdown, this is the only way to promote oneself. Though, I am still unsure of it. I get a lot of requests for lives, but I tell them I need to take a break. I get bored answering the same questions. How long can I keep doing that, as the people watching will also know that I will be telling the same thing over and over again. One might need it, but I take a break and come back when it is really necessary," Priyamani adds.