The official Twitter handle of Rachakonda Police, a commissioner in Hyderabad, Telangana, headed by Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat, created an upheaval on social media by disbursing false information regarding religious practices of Muslims. Replying to a bunch of Twitter users, Rachakonda Police on Saturday, April 25, said that Azaan and siren are prohibited in the wake of the novel coronavirus lockdown.

"Azaan and siren are not allowed," tweeted Rachakonda Police, tagging as many as 8 persons. Baffled by the bizarre statement amid the festival of Ramadan, a large number of Twitter users countered Rachakonda Police.

Meaning of Azaan and its significance
Meaning of Azaan and its significanceReuters

Sharing the screenshot of the tweet by Rachakonda Police, which has now been deleted, a user by the name Mohammed Mujahed complained about the restriction to the Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrashekar Rao. "Secular CM, what is the problem with Azaan or siren? We are not breaking any lockdown rules. As per the government's COVID-19 guidelines, we are offering prayers at home," he wrote.

Another user wrote, "There is a restriction on the prayer. This is a huge mistake. The Azan should still be given at the Mosques despite the absence of congregation prayers."

Here is a screenshot of the tweet by Rachakonda Police:

Rachakonda Police
Rachakonda Police

Rachakonda Police accepts mistake, issues clarification

After withdrawing massive backlash for its inaccurate announcement on the micro-blogging site, Rackakonda Police soon rectified the blunder. Deleting the controversial tweet, the police issued a clarification to all those who were infuriated by the wrong information.

Rackakonda Police blamed their social media cell for putting up wrong information in the public domain and ensured that take action against those behind the goof up.

"This is a wrong reply from the social media cell. We are taking action against the concerned. Local practices are going on already and the local police officials are conducting meetings to ensure smooth conduct of religious practices while following social distancing and guidelines issued by the government to prevent COVID-19," read the statement by Rackakonda Police.

While enforcing the nationwide lockdown to battle the novel coronavirus, the central government had ordered the closure of all places of worship but did not place restrictions on Azaan or siren.

"All religious places shall be closed for public. Religious congregations are strictly prohibited," said the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.