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Season 10 of CBC's "Murdoch Mysteries" is currently in production and the actors on the show have been teasing fans with pictures from filming location, and these glimpses hint at an interesting season ahead.

Season 10 of "Murdoch Mysteries" will return to CBC in fall and the premiere will feature a two-part mystery set in the world of Toronto debutantes. Murdoch and his team will have their hands full as the coming out of these young women will coincide by the 1904 Great Fire of Toronto.

"The series returns with debutantes vying for the hand of Toronto's most eligible bachelor – think The Bachelor in 1904! – and there is a killer on the loose," executive producer Christina Jennings said in a press statement. "At the same time, Toronto is thrown into chaos by the Great Fire. It will be a great launch to a great season."

Other cases that will be dealt with in the coming season involves the Olympic Champion Canadian soccer team, the introduction of H.P. Lovecraft, a wronged woman who goes on a serial killing spree, an investigation into a man wrongfully jailed, and the death of a prize pooch at a dog show.

Besides these interesting cases, Murdoch will also be busy delivering on his promise to build his wife Julia the home of her dreams. As for whether the couple is thinking of adopting another child in the upcoming season, actress Helene Joy, who essays Julia, told International Business Times India back in June that she was looking forward to one.

"I'd love to say there's a great secret however the writers haven't even shared it with us! That is usually what they do when they have really big secrets. I'm hoping for a nice juicy story line with another gorgeous child."

As for the guest stars this season, Samantha Bond will be featured in Season 10 along with Daniel Maslany, and Bea Santos.

Here are a few shots from the location: