Season 9 of "Murdoch Mysteries" gave its lead characters, William and Julia, an opportunity to see themselves as parents. But their happiness was short-lived as baby Roland had to be handed over to his real father just weeks after William and Julia got him.

Understandably, fans weren't thrilled, and many took to social media to question why Roland was introduced if he was to be taken away so quickly. But since then, there has been a greater interest in William and Julia's personal life and something that a majority of fans want to see in Season 10 is another baby for the couple.

Is the couple seriously considering adoption? "This is something I can't share with you," actress Helene Joy, who plays Julia Ogden, told International Business Times India when asked about the possibility of the duo expanding their family. "I'd love to say there's a great secret however the writers haven't even shared it with us! That is usually what they do when they have really big secrets. I'm hoping for a nice juicy story line with another gorgeous child."

Previewing Season 10, Joy revealed that it's going to be an exciting year for William and Julia.

Check out her full interview below.

International Business Times, India: Without giving away any spoiler, what can you tell us about Season 10 of "Murdoch Mysteries"?

Helene Joy: It's going to be a really exciting year with a lot of developments to do with Murdoch and Julia's new house that they are building. The season starts with a huge episode about the great fire of Toronto in 1904 where most of the city was destroyed. And we have great guests coming from England. We have returns of awesome characters and some really amazing storylines that I can't disclose yet.

IBT: Can you tell us how your character has transformed over these years?

Helene: Julia has transformed in enormously from the beginning of the show from awkward lovestruck nerd. To an incredible role model and evolved woman. She's changed careers, fallen in love and married twice! And she's been a disgraced divorcee. But mostly she has truly come into our own happiness.

IBT: Do they finally build the house of their dreams?

Helene: I hope so!

IBT: The season 9 finale saw Julia doing some pretty interesting stunts, which included riding a horse and shooting a bow and arrow. Tell us about the challenges of doing your own stunts.

Helene: I don't find it challenging. I love doing stunts! Our stunt guys tell me that I'd have a career if I ever decided to give up acting. I love a challenge, particularly a physical one.

IBT: Besides acting, what are your other interests? Can we see you producing and directing?

Helene: My biggest passion right now has to do with renovation. I am a property developer and I have a lot of renovation on the go. I also travel a lot. That is my absolute number one passion outside of acting.

IBT: One question most Murdoch fans have is why the kissing scenes of Julia and William are always abruptly interrupted. Why do you think that happens?

Helene: We love to keep the audience wanting more. It's working is it not?

IBT: CBC recently announced its decision to increase the number of women directing television series. If I am not wrong, Season 10 of "Murdoch Mysteries" has five women directors on board. What do you think of this move?

Helene: This initiative is always an excellent idea. Women of course want to be employed based on their merits and we all want to have a fair go at proving our talents. Unfortunately our business has been, as many others, are very male dominated. I think it's always a great initiative to try to allow women into a circuit that has often been closed to them.