Mummy - Save Me
Priyanka Upendra's Mummy –Save Me has been released on Friday, 2 December. It is a horror film, which is written and directed by debutant Lohith H.Mummy - Save Me Facebook page

Priyanka Upendra's Mummy –Save Me has been released on Friday, December 2. It is a horror film, which is written and directed by debutant Lohith H.

Yuvina Parthavi, who is a popular child artiste in Tamil, plays the role of Priyanka's daughter in Mummy. Golisoda Madhusudhan, Aishwarya Shindogi, Vatsala Mohan and others are in the cast. H Ravikumar-produced flick has Ajaneesh Loknath's music, HC Venu's cinematography and C Ravichandran's editing.

Mummy is said to be inspired by real-life incidents. Priyanka plays the role of a 7-month pregnant, who shifts to Bengaluru from Goa following the death of her husband. She starts experiencing strange things around her after she moves to a big mansion. The Kannada flick is all about her sufferings and the reason behind it. How she overcomes the troubles will be told in two-odd hours. 

The movie has created a lot of buzz with its trailer. The scary elements have been appreciated by the fans and critics. In fact, many celebrities too have expressed their interest to watch the flick following the trailer release. Will the movie live up to the expectations of the viewers? Find what the people are saying about it below:

Priyanka: A wonderful attempt by a newcomer. #MUMMY #MummySaveMe #PriyankaUpendra
What How Old Are you for ManjuWarrier, #Mummy will be for #PriyankaUpendra
Excellent is the word for #Mommy #PriyankaUpendra who excells in her role
#MummySaveMe is a thrilling ride. #MummySaveMe #PriyankaUpendra

Shashank Director: MUMMY- Truely scary !! Interesting Narration, Good Performances & Opt use of Technology makes it worth watching @ipriyanka_Up @nimmaupendra

Naveen Krishnappa: #mummysaveme all the best to @LOHITH_director and team.
#mummysaveme the final thing about theDirection.@LOHITH_director man did it'n style,we can't believe he is 23,His thinking's are magnificant
#mummysaveme the background score is simply amazing we feel consternation at throughout the movie.
#mummysaveme Excellent performance by @ipriyanka_Up,Baby #Yuvina,#madhusudhan sir and Entire cast. DOP sir astounding Cinematography.
#mummysaveme Like most of the best Horror films, this film isnt overly Gory,but it does boast the scenes starling enough to chill your bones
#mummysaveme If you can't disturbed by a horror movie,Please take a Look at #mummysaveme debut feature from @LOHITH_director.

Winhay Upendra: Mummymovie I nvr seen dis type of horror movie,Many ppl were went out before interval only.its really scary Pakka paisa vasul