Ganesh Mandal
Ganesh MandalANI

Gowd Saraswat Brahman (GSB) Ganesh Mandal, which is believed to be Mumbai's richest mandal, has taken an insurance cover of Rs 264.75 crore.

The GSB Ganpati Mandal has installed as many as 65 CCTV cameras in the premises, which are directly connected to the police control room.

Speaking to ANI, GSB Ganesh Mandal spokesperson RG Bhat said the idol has been decorated with 70 kilograms of gold and 350 kilograms of silver donated by devotees in past 64 years to the mandal.

"This idol will be here in the mandal for the next five days. In order to tighten the security, we have hired around 500 people for taking care of the mandal.

Not only that, we have also installed drone cameras which will be operated by the people working for the mandal," he added.

The mandal will celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi for five days.