rap against rape
Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi, the two Mumbai girls, who uploaded the video rap against rape.Youtube Screenshot

Two Mumbai women have posted a video on YouTube that not only criticises rape and other crimes against women, but also takes potshots at the banning culture adopted by the government. 

They are seen rapping against rape and the hypocrisy of Indians in the video that has been shared by over one lakh people.

The video #RapAgainstRape was uploaded by Uppekha Jain and Pankhuri Awasthi on 16 March under the nickname 'BomBaebs'.

The description reads out their expectations: "As a nation, India is a 1000 shades of Fabulous and yet there's still 999 issues that hold us back. This is a piece that addresses all that needs immediate fixing - particularly for women!"

However, their rap is not just confined to the criminals who target women to satiate their sexual hunger, but also exposes the hypocritical mindset of people in India, be it men or women.

"...But Its not just the men, its the women too
That slaughter the girl child
Growing in their womb..."

Though the video has been named "Rap Against Rape" probably keeping up with the recent crimes against women, Jain and Awasthi have not forgotten the ban culture that the Indian government has adopted recently.

From banning beef, the AIB Roast video to the Nirbhaya documentary "India's Daughter", governments have attracted criticism from all across the nation. These two Mumbai women are also are among them. They have criticised politicians for banning their free will, instead of banning those politcians with a criminal record, from becoming MPs.  

"...Of lawyers who will kill
& politicians who ban our will..."

"...Instead of banning beef, swear words and a sexy undergarment
Why don't they grow some balls & ban criminals in parliament?..."

And the disclaimer itself is a sharp reminder of the several bans being imposed by the government. "... It's only a standard disclaimer. This video doesn't have any explicit or bannable content. It's just that the reality for women in India is Explicit."

While many have praised the two women for their innovative way of exposing the harsh reality, there are some who are pessimistic about any meaningful outcome from it. 

"And do you think a rapist is sitting in front of his pc watching videos like this ? And even if he is and he sees it, you think he'll change his mindset ? Lol. IF THEY HAD A REAL CONCERN ABOUT THIS ISSUE, THEY WOULD HAVE MADE THE VIDEO IN HINDI, BECAUSE MOST RAPISTS ARE ILLITERATE. But look how they made it. A cheap publicity stunt," Hardik Maheshwari commented.

This rapagainstrape is much needed reality check in India. Too bad, like everything else, it wont change anything.

Sid Wahi tweeted.

Just saw this rap against rape, misogyny, patriarchy and objectification which ends with the artists calling themselves BomBaebs. Well done!

Numb Yaar tweeted.