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A suspected letter bomb has reportedly exploded at an office building in the Netherlands, prompting a response from bomb disposal experts.

The package reportedly exploded in a mail sorting company in Kerkrade, a city in the very south of the country. The building was evacuated after the police were alerted at 8:33 am. There have been no casualties from the incident.

An explosives team is on the scene and is conducting an investigation. Reports suggest that a second suspicious package was sent to an office in the Sloterdijk industrial estate on the west side of Amsterdam at around 8 am on Wednesday. 

"It is as yet unknown whether there is a connection with the explosion of a letter package this morning in Amsterdam," the Limburg police said.

The mail room bomb is the latest in a string of bomb letters that were delivered to companies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Maastricht last month, reported There have been no arrests made in connection with the incidents. 

None of the devices exploded or caused civilian harm. Dutch authorities and forensic experts are currently investigating the incidents and examining the letters in a bid to track down the sender. 

It is not known whether the mail room explosions are related to the letters that were sent last month. In total, police are now aware of 10 threatening letters and six actual letter bombs containing explosives, Dutch News said. 

The Telegraph reports that the purported sender of the multiple letter bombs in the Netherlands has demanded payment in Bitcoin. They have threatened to send more exploaives by mail if their demands are not met.