Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani will get Z security post threats to his life.
Reliance Chairman Mukesh Ambani will get Z security post threats to his life.Reuters

The government has granted 'Z category' security to Industrialist Mukesh Ambani following threats to his life.

The decision to provide him top-level security was approved by the home ministry in the light of death threats that Ambani had received from Islamist group Indian Mujahideen (IM). The Intelligence Bureau had carried out a thorough analysis of the terrorist threats and suggested the provision for security.

Under the 'Z' category protection, Ambani would have 20 CRPF commandos armed with advanced weapons at his side. He would also have the service of pilot and escort vehicles.

According to reports, Ambani was ready to pay for the VIP security services but was not permitted to do so by the government.

The Reliance Industries chief is perhaps the only non-government official to be provided with CRPFs. Only Sonia Gandhi and the Prime Minister are given taut security.

CRPFs are generally allotted to the war-torn naxal-hit areas and are given for protection of government authorities in the volatile Jammu and Kashmir state.

Incidentally, a senior CRPF official did not sound pleased at the prospect. "CISF is the designated central paramilitary agency for VIP protection. We are too busy with our duties in Naxal-hit zones," the official told The Times of India.

Only two months ago, Ambani had received a hand-delivered letter demanding the release of 'Danish', an IM operative, or else his Antilla residence in Mumbai would be blown off. The letter also accused his proximity with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi.