Ever since Legacies started as an individual series, we hoped at least one cameo from the original cast of The Vampire Diaries, mainly Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore to appear. While a few characters from The Originals and The Vampire Diaries have made their appearance, it was Caroline, Bonnie and the other original cast whom fans yearned for the most. 


According to the timeline of the Legacies, it's been more than a decade since Elena fell in love with Stefan, and met Damon. The three legacies of the founding family of Mystic Falls are now popular enough to have a musical dedicated of their own. 

The show begins with Hope's inability to stay calm when she overhears a conversation where her father Klaus is referred to as the mass murderer. She reacts like a witch, although in the final season of The Originals the writers had presented Hope Michaelson as the most mature teenager, who is kind, benevolent, in a nutshell, opposite of what her father used to be and a reflection of what human Elena used to be. Hope is one of the kindest, powerful Michaelson's of the next generation, much like how her family of villain parents wanted her to be.

In The Originals, she was a young teenager who empathised with Elena, one of the biggest victims ever since the arrival of Klaus. Despite showing such a matured side of her, it remained unclear why a teenager so sensible would ever have a fit of mental anger if the journals of the Salvatore brothers reveal the evil side of his father, considering the amount of trouble he had caused in their family and love life. 


There was more to The Vampire Diaries than Elena's struggling feelings for Damon and Stefan. This entire musical, which was written by Landon, (Hope's boyfriend) included little of the ups and downs the characters went through and had made it all about Elena making her choice between Damon and Stefan. 

Caroline, who had an interesting transition, from the first season to the second season, seemed overlooked. Landon, basically, did the role of a propaganda artist, who calls himself an artist, glorifies the real invader, and fails to explore the real struggle. In a bid to keep Hope happy, Landon became the dishonest playwright, who only glorified Klaus Michaelson, and showed him from the perspective of a father.  

It's a lesser-known fact, but in the 11th century, Macbeth and Banquo had coordinated and participated in the killing of Duncan who was the King of Scotland. However, in William Shakespeare's play, Banquo is seen as a Noble character since his descendants, had arrived to watch his play and Shakespeare did not want to portray the ancestors in poor light. Landon from Legacies played a similar role, only to keep Hope happy, who was well-aware of her father and her entire family's misdeeds. 

The episode indeed will be worth a watch, even if you have missed other seasons of Legacies.