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7:48 pm - Anushka chest-bumps into Samyuktha during the argument while Kabir manages to take her away from the brawl. 

7:46 pm - Kabir tries to explain girls that just because of Anushka used the word fat, it is not fair of them to team up and fight againt Anushka. 

"Agar tu mota hota, aur agar tujhe koi aake mota bolta, tera hormonal issue ho sakta hai, people are in depression because of that," says Samyukhta and Shruti to Kabir when he defended Anushka.

7:36 pm - Splitsvillans come back to the villa where Handa discusses with Shruti, Samyuktha, and Roshni that Anushka had called her fat while she was performing the task. And a big fight breaks between them. The entire villa has come out in support of Handa and turned against Anushka and Kabir for commenting on Handa's bodyweight. 

"Fat main hoon, apne papa ka khati hoon," says Handa to Anushka after she called her a "Fat F*ck".

7:29 pm - Simba and Mehek win against Shagun and Samyuktha. This is Samyuktha's fifth back-to-back loss. 

Simba, Mehak, Shruti & Gaurav won today's Bae Watch session. 

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7:28 pm - Samyuktha is aiming lychee beans into cups like a pro while Mehek is also giving her a tough fight. 

7:26 pm - In the make-up task, Simba puts better lipstick than Mehek and girls are going gaga over him and Shagun does it beautifully too. 

7:24 pm - Now, Shagun and Samyuktha and Simba and Mehek will perform the Bae Watch Challenge. 

7:23 pm - Gaurav and Shruti win while Kabir and Handa are disappointed with their performance. 

7:22 pm - Gaurav and Shruti are in the lead while Handa and Kabir are struggling with the task. Gaurav and Shruti have reached the next level while Handa is still trying to put beans into cups. 

7:19 pm - The competition between Kabir and Handa and Gaurav and Shruti is going neck-to-neck. 

7:18 pm - Boys will now become chair for their partners who will have to eat Lychees and throw the beans into cups. 

7:16 pm - Kabir and Gaurav apply lipstick and make-up on their faces and they are feeling absolutely awkward. 

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7:14 pm - As Kabir and Gaurav roll out the red carpet, Shruti reaches to Shruti while Handa reaches to Kabir before other girls. They will now perform together. 

7:10 pm - In today's Bae Watch session challenge, Kabir and Gaurav and Shagun and Simba will perform against each other. While boys will act as furnitures and mirrors, girls will use them as per their will. 

7:08 pm - Rannvijay notices Samyuktha holding Shagun's hand. Samyuktha tells Rannvijay that she has started liking him and the two have been spending a lot of time together. 

Shagun has clearly told Samyukhta that he loves her, and even though she's not in love with him, she does have feelings for him.

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7:06 pm - As the Splitsvillans join Rannvijay and Sunny Leone for today's Bae Watch Session, Gaurav gets down on his kness and proposes Shruti to be his connection. Shruti accepts his proposal. 

7:05 pm - Anushka and Kabir, on the other hand, are feeling insecure as they are not an ideal match anymore. 

7:03 pm - Meanwhile Shagun continues his fight with Fahad and warns him that if anybody says anything about his girl, the person will have it from him. 

"Agar main jaana, beba, maa, behan...main apni ladki ko jo bhi bulao meri marzi," says Shagun to Fahad.

7:01 pm - Shruti comes back into the villa only to find the scriptings on the mirror and a stone on which Rohan left 'I Love You' message for her. Shruti cries inconsolably while other Splitsvillans try to calm her down. 

Last Sunday, Rohan got eliminated from MTV Splitsvilla 11 leaving Shruti teary-eyed. But now it looks like Shruti has found a new connection in Gaurav.

Gaurav went down on his knees and proposed Shruti to be his connection and continue in the show. Shruti accepted his proposal leaving everyone in awe.

Meanwhile, Anushka fat-shamed Arushi Handa and a big fight broke into the villa.

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