Piyush, Aahna, Bhavya
Piyush, Aahna, BhavyaVoot

The love triangle between Aahna, Piyush and Arshiya was broken into pieces after Aahna got eliminated in Splitsvilla 12's Friday dome session.

As Alfez and Aaradhna beat Shrey and Priyamvada in the battle to get a chance to become the Chosen Ones, their partners, Piyush-Arshiya, Loka and Bhavya eventually got saved (but with a catch) from elimination.

All of the four saved contestants were given a choice to choose anyone from the unsafe contestants to go in front of the Oracle and ask if they are an ideal match or not. Loka chose to dissolve his bowels and decided not to go with anyone of the girls as he thinks there's no one in the villa who is his ideal match.

Bhavya chose Uday, while Piyush chose Aahna. However, when Arshiya chose Sambhav, his connection Soundarya got very furious and accused her of playing a dirty game and her friends supported her in her argument. She even called out the trio Piyush-Aahna-Arshiya for trying to break other's connection in the villa.

While the dome session turn into a battle arena with Piyush-Aahna voting, Sambhav-Arshiya voting out Soundarya, Uday and Bhavya voted out Aahna for elimination. And surprisingly, Uday and Bhavya got full votes from the unsafe contestants to face the Oracle and they eventually turned out to be an ideal match. As a result, Aahna got eliminated and waved a goodbye to the villa and her love Piyush.

On the other hand, the Chosen Ones Ashish and Meisha were given a choice to eliminate any one of the unsafe Splitsvillans and they chose to dump Bhavin who had entered as a wild-card contestant.

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