MTV Roadies Xtreme
MTV Roadies Xtreme finalists - Preeti, Kashish, Nishkarsh, Surbhi, Abhishek and SharanMTV India

6:50 pm - Nishkarsh finishes last. He completed the task in 19 mins and 40 secs. Preeti finishes second. She completed the task in 17 mins and 37 secs. And Kashish from Neha's gang becomes the ultimate winner of MTV Roadies Xtreme as he finished the task in 15 mins and 40 secs. He wins the Renault Duster.

6:44 pm - Preeti completes the task. The competition between Preeti, Nishkarsh and Kashish is neck-to-neck. All the finalists completed the entire high endurance task in the finale.

6:39 pm - After Nishkarsh, Preeti starts performing the task.

6:27 pm - Nishkarsh is now performing the task with a disadvantage of an iron ball tied to his one leg. Prince Narula lauds Nishkarsh  for battling out inside the ring. 

6:25 pm - Kashish completes the task.

6:20 pm - Rannvijay explains the finale task to the finalists. The contestant has to climb up the platform and solve the puzzle. In between, an ex-Xtreme roadie will distract him/her. After finishing the stage, four friends of the finalist will pull the latter up with the help of the rope. During this task, the contendor has to acquire flag from the distractor. After reaching the platform on the top, the finalist has to aim the box using a bow and arrow and shoot it through a ring which will be swinging like a pendulum and break the mirror. After this, the performer has to battle it out with the other finalist inside a ring. Then the finalist has to climb up the ladder, smash the glass and pull the lever to complete the task.

6:14 pm - Preeti, Kashish and Nishkarsh reach the finale task location with other eliminated contestants.

6:11 pm - Neha bashes Geetika for slapping Kashish.

6:08 pm - Gang leaders Nikhil Chinapa, Neha Dhupia, Prince Narula along with Rannvijay join Preeti, Kashish and Nishkarsh for the champion feast.

6:06 pm - Preeti, Kashish and Nishkarsh have been qualified for the finale after winning the high endurance task.

6:05 pm - Only one cue card is remaining for both the teams. 

5:58 pm - The MTV Roadies Xtreme Semi-Finale task begins. Preeti and Kashish are going one on one with Surbhi and Sharan. Kashish and Sharan have been tied upside down with a rope tied to Preeti and Surbhi. Boys have to sink in their heads and lift the girls to stick the cue card on the board hung at the top.

MTV Roadies Xtreme will air its grand finale episode within an hour at 6 pm. While gang leader Nikhil Chinapa team was completely wiped out when Shubhada, Rohan and Shruti got eliminated in the semi-finale episode last Sunday. Prince Narula is leading with the three team members in his gang while Neha has two members and Raftaar is left with just one member in his team.

Rannvijay Singha, who was seen as one of the gang leaders in the previous season, turned Mahaguru - the mentor and also the host of the show. He brought in several twists and turns in the ongoing Roadies season and the show has finally reached his culmination.

In the semi-finale episode, Preeti, Kashish and Nishkarsh's team becomes the first team to complete the task in the shortest time and qualify for the semi-finale part 2. Surbhi, Abhishek and Sharan's team finish second and earn their ticket to semi-finale while Sonu and Shruti leave the show after finishing last in the task.

Six contestants - Preeti, Kashish, Nishkarsh, Surbhi, Abhishek and Sharan - will be giving their blood, sweat, and tears to the winner title of MTV Roadies Xtreme.

While the finale is all set to test the endurance of these contestants, keep watching this space for the latest updates of the 15th season of Roadies.