Harpawit Singh, MTV Roadies Xtreme
Mr. Punjab Harpawit Singh, MTV Roadies Xtreme judges Neha Dhupia, Rannvijay Singha and Prince NarulaInstagram

The 16th season of popular reality TV show MTV Roadies Xtreme started on February 18. Over the years, the reality show and controversies have never been far away. This year too, the show has found itself in the middle of a controversy owing to its selection process.

A contestant, Harpawit Singh, was lambasted by the team leaders of the show Neha Dhupia, Nikhil Chinapa, Prince Narula, Rapper Raftaar and Rannvijay Singha, during his personal interview round. Singh was questioned about his character and perception toward women. His answers irked the judges to the extent that he was disqualified from the show. 

After the incident, Harpawit took to YouTube to "expose the bitter reality of the show".

Watch the episode here:

Harpawit Singh who the title of Mr. Punjab 2017, had auditioned for the reality show twice this year. He first auditioned for the show on December 12 in Delhi where he was rejected and then on December 16, from Chandigarh in which he was selected.

In a nearly 6 minute video, Harpawit showed two application forms which he had filled. He alleges that the form which he filled when auditioning in Delhi, had honest answers, but was rejected. However, when he gave dishonest and made-up answers to the same question when auditioning from Chandigarh, he got selected. Further, he adds, that he had changed his looks while auditioning from Chandigarh. 

Incidentally, the coordinator at both the places was same. He further alleges that the makers of the show manipulate things in order to gain more TRPs.

In 2016, he had auditioned from four major cities - Ahmedabad, Delhi, Pune and Chandigarh but wasn't selected. MTV Roadies Xtreme, which is currently being aired on television, and is hosted by Gaelyn Mendonca.

International Business Times India tried to reach MTV India for their response but they are yet to comment on the matter. 

Watch the video here: