The selection panel of the Indian cricket team continues to be in the eye of the storm. After India's World Cup exit, questions were raised over a few of the picks, as the team could not solve the middle-order muddle.

Often in the past, the panel has been questioned and their selections debated at length by former Indian cricketers and pundits. Sunil Gavaskar even labelled the panel 'lame ducks' for not being able to make decisive calls.

However, chief of the selection committee, MSK Prasad, has dismissed these conjectures and said that the roles are defined for each individual and everyone is well-aware of their responsibilities.

'We all have our roles and responsibilities'

Ravi Shastri Virat Kohli
File photo: Ravi Shastri (left) and Vira Kohli during a training session.Reuters

"Ravi Shastri and Virat Kohli are the coach and captain of our senior team and Rahul Dravid looks after India A team. They have their roles and responsibilities cut out. We as selection committee have our roles and responsibilities," Prasad was as saying quoted by PTI.

Prasad added that Gavaskar's comments were very unfortunate and said that these labels only made the selection committee stronger and earnest in their approach.

"It is very unfortunate. We have utmost respect for the legendary cricketers. Every opinion expressed by them is taken in right earnest. They have their viewpoints which is well-received. In fact, more than getting hurt by this kind of comments, it only makes this selection committee stronger, committed and united," said Prasad.

MSK Prasad
MSK Prasad

The chief selector categorically mentioned that they do have differences with the captain and coach at various instances, but such differences should remain within the four walls. He also said that the discussion cannot be called 'bullying'.

"Working in tandem and in solidarity with Ravi, Virat and Rahul cannot be taken as being bullied. There were several occasions we had difference of opinions which we may not bring into the public domain. What happens within the four walls has to remain there. At the end of the day, we move on in the larger interest of the Indian team and the country," he said.

Prasad also said that his panel has travelled all across the country to identify fresh and young talent. They have groomed the selected bunch through a systematic process and then proceeded to induct the deserving players into the India A and further into the senior Indian teams.