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Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's film "MSG: The Messenger", which has created lot of buzz in the media, has released in cinema halls on 13 February and got mixed responses from the audience.

"MSG: The Messenger" is a revolutionary film written by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who has also directed the movie along with Jeetu Arora. This film is packed with action, high drama scenes, suspense and stunts. It deals with social evils such as drug abuse and alcoholism that are spoiling the youth of the country.

The story of "MSG: The Messenger" is about Guru ji, a spiritual leader who has many followers. He accepts the challenge of eradicating social evils of the society. How people with vested interests conspire to kill him forms the crux of the movie.

Besides the script and direction, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has played the protagonist in the film and has also handled technical departments such as music, cinematography, editing and production. Daniel Kaleb, Flora Saini, Jayshree Soni, Olexandra Semen, Gaurav Gera, Jay Singh Rajpoot and Himanshu Tiwari have played important roles in the movie.

"MSG: The Messenger" has been successful in impressing followers of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, but others share just the opposite view.

Here are some comments by viewers on Twitter: 

Insan Varun ‏@chaudhary_varu

Saw #MSG n loved the climax speech made by @Gurmeetramrahim we really need to change old outdated laws and let people do good..#MSGinCinemas

Muskan Filmy @Muskan_Reviews

#MSG Nothing but everything.It will put Rajnikant,Salman to shame.Thanks for the patience of Productn guys that they survived. #MSG is nothing but 3hr long ad.Baba Ram Rahim did all which will make u feel beating urself for choosing to watch this film. I rate Half star to Baba Ram Rahim's #MSG only for playing wth emotions of audiences and creating new definition of creativity. #MSG Only for the followers of Baba who can bear it with Baba.General Audience cannot watch/bear creativity killing.

Dipesh Yadav @rudemulgga

Probably #MSG will b the first movie where you will laugh after every stunt performance

Robil Singh Pathania ‏@RobilSingh

#MSG The Messenger is not a movie, it's a feature-length advertisement you'd be best advised to forgo.

Meanwhile, Twitter is flooded with many funny tweets about the film "MSG: The Messenger". He are some samples of it

Asjad Nazir ‏@asjadnazir

Feel bad for Sajid Khan. He is gonna lose his worst director title this year! I can safely say #MSGTheFilm will be worst movie of 2015

Joanna Lobo ‏@djoiiii

I think #MSGTheFilm is going to be a hit just because of the number of people who will watch it to see how 'bad' it is and make fun of it.

Neel Soni ‏@iNeelSoni

"Everyone around the world is talking about my movie #MSG. I'm gonna get the #Oscar this year " ~ GURMEET RAM RAHIM INSAN

A ‏@chaddi_chikka

Srilankans will be surprised to hear that even in India they have sentences as names. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan. #MSG

Thoppil Paul ‏@gladomatix

Rajnikant finally gets to take a vacation, thanks to Sant Gurmeet. #MSGinCinemas #MSG #MSGTheFilm #MSGTheMessengerOfGod

Llewellyn Desouza ‏@TBGFL

Ideas for V Day: Take her to a place showing #MSG No one not even the HMS will dare come to such a place. Total Privacy.

Naughtius Maximus ‏@Bollockspeak

My Bae wanted a surprise gift this V Day so I bought two tickets for #MSGTheFilm and some a body Armour for myself!! #MSGTheMessengerOfGod

Shefali ‏@shefali_mishra1

If you wanna break up with someone on Valentine's day just take them to #MSGTheMessengerOfGod #ValentinesDayGiftIdeas

Venu ‏@VenuEcstasy

2 min silence for those film critics who had to sit through out the movie just to write #MSG review.