MS Dhoni
Dhoni was seen suggesting a change of position to a Bangladesh fielderRobert Cianflone/Getty Images

Any lingering doubts about the value and form of Mahendra Singh Dhoni going into the World Cup were put at rest by his blazing innings against Bangladesh in India's final warm-up game before the tournament. But amidst the carnage of MSD's brutal strokes, there was, possibly, another testament to his prowess as a leader.

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It came in the form of a moment when, while facing Bangladesh's bowler Sabbir Rehman in the 40th over of the Indian innings, the former captain pulled away from his stance, prompting the bowler to abort his run-up. Mahi then gestured to the bowler to change the position of one of the fielders on the leg-side. And guess what? The bowler did just that! Even seeming a little annoyed by the fielder for standing where he was. The clip of this whole incident has been circulating wildly on social media with many commenting on it.

The video of the incident is being seen widely on social mediaTwitter

Many have interpreted this as an example of Dhoni's leadership that when he advised the opposition to put one of their fielders in a better position, they duly accepted. But there could be other reasons as well. It's possible that the fielder might have been standing in a very unusual position that was disconcerting to Dhoni, leading to him suggesting a move to a more regular spot. Or, since it was a warm-up game, Dhoni thought it alright to suggest a change of field to even his opponents. The commentators preferred the former explanation.

Whatever be the case, for fans of Dhoni, this is another example of the greatness of Mahi, the leader and tactician. It also needs to be borne in mind that MSD still seems very deeply involved in setting the field for the Indian team despite the captaincy having passed on to Virat Kohli. It has been conjectured by many that the wicket-keeper batsman may still be playing the leading role in this aspect of captaincy and Kohli is happy with delegating this responsibility to him.

Whatever may be the exact nature of the incident, it has once again shown that MSD is indeed a very unique cricketer.