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Director Vikram Bhatt's much-talked about film "Mr X" featuring Emraan Hashmi and Amyra Dastur in the lead, hit theatres on 17 April. 

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"Mr X" is a 3D sci-fi thriller, which has been written by Shagufta Rafique, directed Vikram Bhatt and produced by Mukesh Bhatt. The film is a revenge drama that revolves around a man, who gains the power of invisibility and becomes a vigilante to avenge those who have wronged him.

Viewers, who watched "Mr X" in the first show, have appreciated the movie. They have said that it is a must watch film and its plus points are an engaging script, Emraan Hashmi and Amyra Dastur's performances, amazing background score, wonderful cinematography and superb special effects.

We bring to you some unique Twitter comments of the audience below:

ﻋﺪﯾﻢ ﺍﻟﻄﺎﻑ @adeemd

Just watched @emraanhashmi 's super performance in #MrX .It's a complete masala family entertainer with superb visual effects. Must watch @AmyraDastur93 has caught me by surprise. She is amaxing in #MrX .Emotional scenes between her and @emraanhashmi are absolutely magnificent.

Satyakam Mohapatra @satyakam92

Hey @emraanhashmi & @AmyraDastur93 just came back watching #MrX , it's indeed a complete family entertainer & defintely has a novelty value. @emraanhashmi Songs wer sounding so good, every song had its charm & necessity.Special mentn @MaheshNBhatt for U can call Me X it caught on The @emraanhashmi & Vishesh Films combo is the 'X' factor , it can never fail.Thanks @TheVikramBhatt, @MaheshNBhatt & Mukesh Bhatt.Both @Norafatehi & @gurruchoudhary were superb in #AlifSe song , nice dance moves with some sparkling chemistry were refreshing to see.#MrX

Ritika Handoo @ritikahandoo

Emraan Hashmi is ready for the invisible act in #MrX. #MrX has a feel which is quite reminiscent of the Bhatt camp movie. Emraan is controlled and composed in his acting style in #MrX. Tanmay Bhatt makes a cameo in #MrX The technique used for special effects is impressive in #MrX Amyra Dastur is way better in #MrX than her debut film. The hotness quotient is kept intact in #MrX The plot is somewhat heard before kind but execution is new #MrX Music is one of the highlights in #MrX

Naresh bijarnia @naresh4098

#EmraanHashmi proposes to #AmyraDastur with a plastic bottle ring because he didn't have an actual ring. Such cheesey. Much propose. An entire building explodes. Everything is destroyed. But wait. Emraan Hashmi lives buried under the rubble. Only his hair got burnt. Burnt and bald #EmraanHashmi looks kind of like Voldemort. Amyra Dastur manages to sniff out the invisible Emraan Hashmi. Literally. This movie takes cheesey to new levels. Still, for what is worth, the movie so far is NOT AT ALL a rip off of Hollow Man. Brownie points.

Ananya Bhattacharya @ananya116

Ten minutes into the film, and @emraanhashmi does what he's best at: A passionate kiss, followed by a song. #MrX

IBNLive Movies @IBNLiveMovies

Good god! The level of self-righteousness in this movie is too damn high. Plot twist: Emraan Hashmi has been pitted against bae Amyra Dastur. The movie was not as bad as the title track. But that's not saying much. Unlike most #EmraanHashmi movies, the soundtrack was pretty meh for this movie. Not a single memorable song. If we were to draw parallels though, @thetanmay would definitely be 'Jugal', if #MrX were Mr India.

Akash_Neil_Dubey ‏@ImNeil_03 2m2

Just watched #MrX it was awesome. action.. love.. full entertainment @emraanhashmi and @AmyraDastur93 you both really talented #MustWatch

MrX. Wazid ‏@BrotherOfEmran

@emraanhashmi 's performance More outstanding thn VFx.Love you brother. Thnk you.feeling proud fan. #mrx 3D May ALLAH Give U Lots Of Sucess

Bollywood Light ‏@bollywoodlight

Just watched #MrX Its totally paisa vasool movie.. Awesome work by @emraanhashmi and @AmyraDastur93.. Story and screenplay are outstanding.

Sohail Ahsan Bhatti @SohailAhsanB

Just watched #MrX ..Unbelievable performance @emraanhashmi & @AmyraDastur93 ... Amazing movie, never miss it,go and watch.

RAVI YADAV ‏@beingraviyadav

Hey @emraanhashmi & @AmyraDastur93 jst came back watching #MrX , it's a complete family entertainer & defintely has a cls appeal #BB Hey @emraanhashmi bhai #MrX is top of world ,i have never see such kind of visual effects before nd ur performance is one of kind lv

Its@Rafi ‏@iamRaFi_SrK

@emraanhashmi just came back watching #MrX, it's indeed a complete family entertainer & defintely has a novelty value. wsm film hey sir ..m

NK ‏@mkn7676

@AmyraDastur93 is amazing in #MrX. She performed her role with ease. She is honestly the next big thing in all of cinema

LaLiT MiTTaL ‏@LalitKaminaYoYo

WooOHooo! What a Moive! :D great acting by @emraanhashmi suprb #climx well done. Rating frm my side:- 5/5 Must watch guyzz #MrX