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It seems that the next season of USA Network's drama-thriller series "Mr Robot" will feature several virtual reality (VR) scenes that will surely add more thrill to the series and fans will get what they have been expecting in Season 2 of the series.

As reported by Variety, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment chief content officer Jeff Wachtel said, "It's really about storytelling. It's intimate and about the characters."

In the past, show creator Sam Esmail has constantly hinted about presenting the story in a visually appealing way and it looks like that VR will add to the charm of the series that has already established itself as one of the best science fiction shows.

"I am so very specific in how I want to shoot the show and the visual grammar of how I want to tell the story," Esmail had said earlier.

SPOILERS AHEAD: The following article might contain several spoilers for Season 2 of "Mr Robot." Proceed at your own risk.

In the second season of "Mr Robot," Elliot (Rami Malek) will finally accept the fact that Mr Robot (Christian Slater) is not a real person and only exists in his mind. The upcoming season will also reveal the aftermath of the Evil Corp hack and how it will change Elliot's life significantly. Also, the incident will affect the fate of fsociety.

"Mr Robot" Season 2 will premiere on July 13 on USA Network. However, the network has recently announced that before the airing of second season, a special one hour episode titled "Mr Robot_dec0d3d.doc" ("Mr Robot Decoded") will be aired on June 20.

The special will feature commentary and interviews with the prominent cast members of the series. Apart from it, several noted journalists, writers, and filmmakers will discuss the importance of hackers and whether they can help to change the world or not.

Below is the preview to "Mr Robot Decoded:"