Sri Reddy, the Tollywood queen of controversies, has made a serious allegation against megastar Chiranjeevi. The actress says that it is not Pawan Kalyan, but his brother who is taking revenge on her. She calls it a family drama.

Sri Reddy has ranted against power star Pawan Kalyan on several occasions and even abused his mother with some cuss words. But the Jana Sena Party chief stayed away from responding to her most of the time. However, his fans had trolled her and harassed her, but she was undeterred by their abuse and hit back at them time and again.

Sri Reddy
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Considering his power, Pawan Kalyan could have taken revenge against her, but never paid interest in it. Now, Sri Reddy claims that his brother Chiranjeevi is at it. She took to her Facebook page this morning and wrote, " might b as a politician u r nt taking revenge, being a legend ur brother Chiranjeevi taking revenge on me. it's a family drama (sic)."

Back in November 2019, Sri Reddy had hurled her anger against Chiranjeevi for appreciating transgender Tamanna Simhadri. She had asked, "Will you suppress me too?" as posted on her Facebook page, "Entho mandi talented heroesni thokki, thokka 13 heroes ni kannaru,nannu kuda thokuthara? vinasakale vipareta budhi ani nanu kelakadhu. Meku name vundhi kabatti memantha yedavalama?? vayasu kadhu gnanam ravali.."

Chiranjeevi at O Pitta Katha pre-release event
Chiranjeevi at O Pitta Katha pre-release eventTwitter

Sri Reddy had added, "Sorry chiranjeevi garu u shd take my comments too..but 4 u I talk bit smooth..I talk about good n bad abt u Maa association card ivvakapodaniki karanam kuda e manasu ninda kaksha nimpukunna chiranjeeve karanam Whether Chiranjeevi or nagarjuna if any1 cross limits I wl keep my concentration..I am the baap of the power (shakti) dnt touch me All people wl not b soft like uday kiran I am a shani to my enemies."

But many people who did not agree with her views started trolling her, daring actress Sri Reddy had posted, "Hero Fans shdnt b like a bakara group..targeting me. wow can't pluck my single hair on my p***y. This so called heroes shd wash my bra n panty so they understand my value Smell my panty who ever dnt likes me,next moment u guys likes me..I shd gift to nagarjuna nd chiranjeevi."