Mr. Akhil Poddar

Age is not a bar for any businessman. If we are desirable to achieve the objective, it's effortless to break out such stereotypes and carve out a bizarre niche for ourselves.

Akhil Poddar comes from a business-oriented family based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and he had joined the business when he was 19 and currently leads Poddar Group of Industries, a generations-old family business manufacturing PCC Electric Poles. PCC electric poles are a highly essential part of any infrastructure, and he makes sure it supplies the best in the market. His grandfather Mr. Dwarka Prasad Poddar and his father started back in 1979 by holding its grip tight successfully in the market for years and serving across Rajasthan. The company has supplied more than 3.5 Lakh poles across Rajasthan until now and continues to expand its horizons.

He also deems to have experience in the retail sector wherein he collaborated with many global brands.

Within three years of it, they were named under Top 3 across pan-India. However, after working in that sector for a couple of years, he decided to only focus on his family business. Speaking about the vision he has for his firm and company in the coming 5-10 years, he says,

"Currently our firm serves all over Rajasthan and has a good grip in the market here, however in the near future we are planning to expand it to pan-India level and make it bigger and better. I'm definitely working rigorously towards taking this business to new heights."

"You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you," this is what he believes. If you want to live your dream, establish your lifestyle in an immeasurable way, in the end, all you need is to intensify your wealth to live a life you have perpetually imagined.

The young businessman is not just famous for his business, but also his lifestyle, and he seems to know how to live life king size. From taking an edged interest in traveling the world and vacationing in fascinating destinations to wearing the top brands, he says he lives the ultra-luxurious life. Moreover, he calls himself a car enthusiast and has his hands on the wheels of the most blazing cars from Mercedes, Jaguar, and Range Rover.

With his lifestyle, he believes in living a healthy life and keeps his physique with a regular workout and diet routine. Numerous people know how to earn money, but surprisingly few know how to spend it sensibly. He pays extra to fulfill his unique hobbies. However, he also maintains multiple sources of income and invests at the right place.

Perhaps it takes to succeed as a young entrepreneur to counter the difficulties and work on something productive, but he believes that -

He never lowers his standard for anyone; his attitude determines his success.

As passionate as he is towards his business, he aims to become an inspiration for young entrepreneurs out there.