Mozilla Corp released a brand new feature in Firefox private browsing called "tracking protection". Firefox 42 is now available for Windows, Android and Mac.

This means it would not save the browsing history, in addition to that advertisements and analytical trackers would also be blocked, VentureBeat reported.

The company said it believes in giving users more choice and liberty of control over their web experience. This also means no third party involvement. "No other private browsing mode protects you the way Firefox does. Not Chrome, not Safari, not Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer," said the company blog.

"The company is witnessing a lot of support from (Firefox) users, especially the ones who believe private browsing is already protecting them from third-party tracking on the Internet" Venture Beat stated.

Firefox provides automatic tracking protection while in the private browsing mode on Windows, Android or Mac. Websites that do not seem to work without tracking elements could be unblocked by a user by turning off tracking protection on that particular website. This means it works as an ad-blocker for your private browsing sessions, Life Hacker reported.

The other two features included in the browser are background link opening on Android and tab audio indicators.

Now, one can mute noisy sites in one click (without leaving the current tab). And on Android, links can be opened from apps running in the background, Life Hacker stated.

In the present age of mobile app domination, the company claims "more than half a billion people around the world" use the browser.

Check out the video to learn about Firefox private browsing with tracking protection: