Mowgli trailer
A screenshot from Mowgli trailer.YouTube Screenshot

Warner Bros dropped the first trailer of Mowgli, based on the character from Jungle Book, and Twitter went crazy. The new trailer comes years after The Jungle Book, a Disney live-action movie, rocked the box office and set some stunning box office records.

The new movie features a slew of actors including Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch and Freida Pinto. The film explores Mowgli's story under the dark glass wherein the character is in danger and meets humans for the first time.

Unlike The Jungle Book, wherein the movie retold the tale of how Mowgli adapted to the jungle, Mowgli attempts to tell the lesser shared story about what happens after he becomes a part of the green land.

Although the attempt a little risky considering the happy nostalgia attached to the story, Warner Bros' attempt to tell the dark side is welcomed with open arms and fans curious to know more about the story.

"Looks fantastic, trailer music is brilliant, acting looks ace, the animation is superb- will definitely be giving this a go!" a Twitter user shared. "The mature version of the jungle book," added another.

"Looks like Warner Bros are going back to their roots. Sticking to their guns and ignoring the bias from critics, bloggers and anti-warner Bros," shared a viewer.

"I hope its a fresh take on the jungle book. Though 1994 version of Jungle Book is far from the best take one the story. I actually liked how a grown Mowgli made somewhat peace with an elderly Shere Khan. I hope there is a layer to Shere khan, than pure villain," an online user said.

"The original Jungle Book novel is dark and doesn't involve sequences of singing and dancing. #Mowgli is embracing that. Be proud of the movie for being dark like Kipling's novel. Don't hate on it," a reader clarified.

Someone also aptly quoted Deadpool 2 in this scenario: "After watching this trailer, my first thought "It's so dark. Are you sure you're not from the DC Universe?"

The cast of Mowgli: Christian Bale as the cunning panther, Bagheera, Cate Blanchett as the sinister snake, Kaa, Benedict Cumberbatch Shere Khan; Naomie Harris as Nisha, the female wolf who adopts baby Mowgli; Andy Serkis as Baloo, Peter Mullan as the leader of the wolf pack, Akela, Jack Reynor as Mowgli's Brother Wolf, Eddie Marsan as Nisha's mate, Vihaan; and Tom Hollander as the scavenging hyena, Tabaqui.

Based on the stories of Rudyard Kipling and directed by Andy Serkis, Mowgli is scheduled for release on October 19.

Watch the Mowgli trailer here: