Bollywood diva Malaika Arora has made her OTT debut with the show Moving In With Malaika a reality show based on her life, where the actress and loving mom pours her heart out and shares details about her personal and professional life.

The first episode was dropped on Monday evening where the actress addressed topics ranging from her marriage, and divorce opened up about her love life, the accident that shook her and much more.

malaika arora

The actress talked about how she got married at a very young age to Arbaaz Khan, she even revealed that it was she who proposed to Arbaaz for marriage and then things moved from there. She spills the beans on her dating life and talked about how happy and at peace she is with Arjun Kapoor. Nonetheless, the actress also spoke about what went wrong between her and Arbaaz Khan, the half-hour episode was high on emotions.

All you need to know about the first episode of Moving In With Malaika

Choreographer and filmmaker Farah Khan appeared as a guest on the show and shared Malaika's personal life with the audience.

The first episode of the series premiered yesterday on Disney+ Hotstar, and the show has garnered a mixed response from audiences, it has also become a meme fest on social media.

Netizens start a meme fest

People are taking Malaika's dialogues and scenes from the show and have made memes, that relate to real-life situations.

Some even loved Malaika's screen presence and aura and said, Farah Khan appeared as a guest on the show and shared about Malaika's personal life with the audience, such as her past relationship with Arbaaz Khan and her hopes for the future with Arjun Kapoor. It felt very touching to see them in a frame. Loved the show."

Another user mentioned, "Sexy, sassy and savage! These words make Malaik-: Malaika. Loved first episode and can't wait to watch another."

The third one averred, "Someone commented to her post saying "50 saal ki budhiya ke nakhre to dekho"(This 50 years woman throws a lot of tantrums) I was like Kyun? 50 saal ke baad (After 50 years) you don't have a life to live or what Watched her show and she of age. She looked and did everything Phenomenal."

malaika arora

The fourth one commented, "Indian creators just don't know how to produce guilt free reality TV! #MovingInWithMalaika just like Fabulous Wives has terrible scripted set pieces, overacting by subordinates & editing tools like a K serial. Just shoot it guerrilla style man.It's just a talk show."

Another mentioned, "Appreciate that Malaika was so honest and literally unfiltered when she spoke about her past! She will definitely kill the show with her stunning looks and glamour. #MovingInWithMalaika."

In yesterday's episode, Malaika's boyfriend and actor Arjun Kapoor, BFF Kareena Kapoor Khan, son Arhaan Khan, and others were seen talking about the actress and shared that despite being guarded and keeping her personal away from media arch, it is very brave of her to come out on open and talk about her life openly.

Talking about Malaika's movies, the actress made a comeback this year with An Action Hero in which she had a special dance number, Aap Jaisa Koi.

Moving In With Malaika can be streamed on Disney+Hotstar. The series consists of 16 episodes.