Mono Mono Twins
A rare set of monoamniotic twins born to Sarah

A rare set of monoamniotic twins were born holding hands in Ohio, US, to Sarah Thistlethwaite. Monomatic or "mono mono" twins are rare cases which happens once in every 10,000 pregnancies.

Monomatic twins are rare condition when babies share an amniotic sac, Akron General Medical Center explained in their blog post.

"I've been practicing high-risk obstetrics for about 35 years and I've seen less than 10 cases," Dr. Justin Lavin from hospital told WEWS-TV in Cleveland.

Sarah, who hails from Orrville city of Ohio, gave birth to twin daughters, Jenna and Jillian, on 9 May just in time for Mother's Day. Doctors later lifted them for the parents to see how the babies were holding each other's hands.

Mono Mono Twins
Mono Mono twins Jenna and Jillian born holding hands in Akron General Medical Center in

"It's so awesome and they both were holding hands and it was so great to hear them cry," Sarah told CNN after the delivery.

Sarah and her husband Bill came to know about the twins when she was in her 19th week of pregnancy.

"The ultrasound tech said 'There are 2,'" said Sarah, according to the blog. "My husband said, 'Two what?' The tech said, 'Two babies!' It was very silent in the room. We were all in shock for a while and then we randomly began to laugh. It was a big surprise to us."

Sarah gave birth to the twins on her 58th day in the hospital. She had a premature delivery as the babies were born in 33 weeks only. Both the girls are safe and healthy, but they will need 2 to 4 weeks of growing before they are discharged with parents.

Sarah and Bill have a 15-month-old son Jaxon and now they are blessed with twin daughters.

"We're trying to keep his life as normal as possible so he comes up and visits for a couple of hours," Sarah told WEWS-TV.

CNN, with the permission of the couple, shot a video of the delivery. Check the video here: