Two Islamic State emirs (governors) were reportedly among the nine Isis terrorists killed in two bomb blasts carried out inside the Iraqi city of Mosul, apparently by vigilantes.

A Kurdish news report said there were two bombings inside Mosul on Monday in which nine Isis members, including two emirs — identified as Abu Aiman and Abu Hadi — were killed.

The Rudaw report noted that the bombings coincided with the execution of 45 Mosul residents, who were sentenced to death by Isis on Monday on charges of spying for the Iraqi government.

In recent months, there have been reports that Isis members were being hunted inside the city of Mosul by a "shadowy" vigilante group. The attacks have left Isis frustrated.

In October, Mosul Eye, a former historian-turned-media activist, narrated a story of how  the vigilantes inside the second-largest Iraqi city were now coming up with daring ways to kill Isis terrorists inside Mosul. 

In one incident, a man shaved his head and stood smoking at a city square in Mosul, was promptly arrested and taken away by Isis. But when the car reached a secluded spot, the arrested man took out a gun and shot all the occupants of the vehicle.

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He then quickly got out and escaped in another car, which was tailing them all the while. It was just one of the many such attacks that have been carried out in Mosul by local residents.

In September, the shadowy Mosul group had targeted an Isis radio station, which streamed propaganda messages in French and English.