A "highly professional" radio station run by the Islamic State (Isis) militants in Mosul that is known for broadcasting propaganda messages in French and English was attacked by two unidentified gunmen. 

This is one of the several attacks against Isis that has been carried out by vigilantes opposed to the Sunni terrorists, who captured the second largest Iraqi city in June 2014.

According to Rudaw, two gunmen carried out a quick "hit and run" attack on the Isis. Although the information about the attack was released by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Kurds have not claimed responsibility for the attack on the al-Bayan radio station.

The gunmen, however, managed to escape. According to a Breitbart report, it was a drive-by shooting and the attackers fled after firing at the radio station from outside. 

Apart from reporting in French and English, the Isis-run Al Bayan radio station is also known for releasing updates on its military operations and propaganda messages in Arabic. The radio station is famous for its "highly professional" coverage and claims to maintain the same standards as NPR or BBC, according to Rudaw.

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In April, a shadowy Sunni vigilante group had announced its presence inside the city by releasing a video showing the militia hunting down Isis terrorists. The Sunni resistance group from Mosul was trained by the Kurds. The video footage further showed the vigilantes taking part in covert sniper attacks and arson to eliminate the Isis fighters. The video clip also showed members of the guerrilla outfit kidnapping and executing an Isis fighter.