Trash bag
This leather trash bag costs $422Instagram/BIIS

Move over the £1,600 Balenciaga blue bag. This mega expensive leather trash bag will burn a hole your pocket as it costs a whopping $422. Yes, you heard it right, $422 for a trash bag.

Will you buy this expensive bag to discard waste?

Spanish brand BIIS is selling the black leather bags in three ranges – €360 ($424), €295 ($347) and €220 ($259). The bags come in three sizes 5 l, 15 l and 30 l. The bag is made up of Spanish napa leather with a yellow colour lace for tying.

"It is made in quality Spanish leather but looks like a real plastic trash bag," the description on BIIS site reads.

According to reports, the "Bin Bags" have been designed as an option to the standard backpack.

The Spanish brand started as jewellery label for men, but it ventured into designing and became a brand.

"It was meant to be a single collaboration between two designers, but instead it becomes a brand of its own that intends to deliver beautiful, smart and necessary items, pieces that emerge from a masculine universe to take over the unisex realm," the description on BIIS page reads.

The brand in their bio claims that the products they come up with are born out of honesty.

"Our fine and versatile pieces are born out of honesty rather than trends or marketing, in the belief that ideas are right when they target a raw impulse and fulfil a zeitgeist tension. As a result, BIIS is not trendy, not chic, not glamorous and not lush. Like an early Steven Spielberg, it is edgy yet suitable for all audiences."

In April, luxury fashion house Balenciaga introduced a blue wrinkled leather bag similar to Ikea's carry bag. The leather bag costs $2,145 (£1,672), but looks like the plastic version of Ikea bag.