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"DK Bose" fame director Bose Nelluri's "Mosagallaku Mosagadu", starring Sudheer Babu and Nandini Rai in the lead, has received positive reviews from the viewers.

"Mosagallaku Mosagadu" is a comedy film with other commercial ingredients like action and romance. Bose Nelluri has written the story, which is routine and predictable in parts. Sudheer Babu's performance, Nandini's glamour, some rib-tickling comedy scenes, good music and cinematography are the main highlights of the movie, according to film-goers.

Below is the live update of "Mosagallaku Mosagadu" movie review by viewers:

Bhargav Gadde ‏@urstrulyGadde

#MosagallakuMosagadu : 1st hlf Avg, 2nd hlf bagundi. Climax is Good, @isudheerbabu acted well. Overall its Good. Congrats @an_bose n Team :)

Shrinu Nakka @Imshri09

Superb Introduction scene... fantastic moves by sudheer babu...good concept.... poor direction... #MosagallakuMosagadu

Pooja #OrangeArmy @PoojaDaPrincess

Interval scene adurssssss Very Good first half. Comedy scenes super. Money lender scenes too good Very good movie...@isudheerbabu ..selection climax mundu fight lo stunts super. Hard work ki definition @isudheerbabu

#MosagallakuMosagadu ‏@premdhfm

Finished Watching #MosagallakuMosagadu More Than One Time Watchable Sudheer Attitude Bgm Comedy Are Plus and climax adhurs

Raviteja @KRavi_Teja

#MosagallakuMosagadu watched ur film @an_bose sir its a perfect sequel for swamy ra ra awsome direction from u sir congratulations :) 3.25/5

Akhil Aswadhati ‏@akhil_aswadhati

#MosagallakuMosagadu a cool crime thriller in hott summer ... @isudheerbabu performance at peaks...

Mahesh21IH ‏@pokiriii

Completed #MosagallakuMosagadu Good movie. Entertainer movie. My rating 3.5/5 @isudheerbabu acting lo improu Ayyadu .

LI(O)VING LIFE ✨ @keshavchowdary

.@isudheerbabu's son Charith debut superrr @HeroManoj1 cameo in isudheerbabu's #MosagallakuMosagadu superrr Superb taking by @an_bose and well performed by @isudheerbabu #MosagallakuMosagadu Must watch movie for all classes!!! Complete Mass Entertainer ✨✌️ @isudheerbabu's #MosagallakuMosagadu

MosagallakuMosagadu ‏@GangadharMuta79

@isudheerbabu #MosagallakuMosagadu 1stHalf Done. 2nsHalf Racha Racha untadi. Gud movie sir @an_bose MM super duper hit Sir

VICTORY @mahesh2442

45 mins into movie, just OK.... Love track is big hurdle......2 most irritating things in #MosagallakuMosagadu , Heroine and Duvvasi Mohan.....@an_bose #MosagalakuMosagadu - At interval its just another below average film and nothing else.....@an_bose @isudheerbabu #MosagallakuMosagadu - Post interval the poor show continues.......@an_bose @isudheerbabu