Mortal Kombat X for iPhone and iPad
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After the release of the previous Mortal Kombat 9, developer NetherRealm was expected to raise the standards even higher with the future MK game. And needless to say, Mortal Kombat X easily delivers those standards, with more gore, extreme fatalities and a plethora of new characters.

The new Mortal Kombat X is finally here. Not only has the game released for new-gen consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and also PC, but it has also found its way to the mobile gaming industry, thanks to iPhone and iPad. And seriously, the game looks great on the small but hardly ineffective screens of tablet and phone.

In case you haven't known much about Mortal Kombat X on iPhone and iPad, we have already published a first-look for the same. However, provided you have already downloaded and installed the game, there are a few tips that would help you get started. Check below for the full list of tips for MK X on iOS:

Block Attack After Performing Combos
Once you have successfully landed a combo on your opponent, quickly press two fingers on the screen to block any incoming hits. And although your character may take damage anyway in the process, it's still far less than the amount of damage he or she would have taken without the block.

QTE Mini Games – Fight!
Provided you have successfully hit an opponent a few times, you should notice a mini-game that will appear on screen. The QTE (Quick Time Event) mini games usually require you swiping in a certain direction to get a constantly moving icon to stop in the centre of a bar. Do this effectively and you should be able to land huge damage on your opponent.

Conquered Towers Have More Loot
That the MK X for iPhone and iPad has massive replay value is a sort of understatement. For instance, you could always test your hand (or fingers) more than once on the already completed Towers to get more Koins and Souls. But it is better you do that after finishing a tower, else you will lose the progress for the tower you are currently on.

Daily Login Bonus
The MK X iteration for iPhone and iPad even rewards you handsomely for just logging into the game every 24 hours. The game will offer you eight Mortal Kombat cards placed face down, and you can choose any one of them to claim a prize. The rewards include Souls, character cards and other bonuses.

Test Your Might
The Test Your Might mini-game will need you to punch through a number of wooden boards or stone blocks. You will find the icon along the bottom of the screen. Just mash the button like there's no tomorrow, until your character performs the required move. Keep mashing the button until the move is successfully pulled off, and once done, it should land you major rewards.

Total Out Bonus Missions
The point of taking up and completing bonus missions is to get more Souls in return. There are several different kinds of challenges involved, including the one where you are required to win three fights using a team with at least two Spec Ops cards. Note that although the rewards involved are small, but it still is a lot considering the collection of souls you are keeping for the game. Every bit counts.

[Source: Prima Games]