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NetherRealm's upcoming new title in the Mortal Kombat franchise looks set to reach new standards. We already have seen a number of videos and trailers for Mortal Kombat X, revealing all the new characters and fatalities each week. But what's the deal with the game's smaller avatar, the MK X title that's now on iOS?

Mortal Kombat X for iOS is available free of cost at the moment. And as far as first impression is concerned, if you have enough experience on your handset with the previously-released Injustice, the controls for MK X on iOS shouldn't be that tough.

Controller Mapping
Going through the controller mapping for the mobile version of the game, you can tap to attack, swipe for heavy attacks; and the same goes for filling up the meters when there's a chance to perform a special move. Apart from that, a two-finger touch initiates blocking, while tapping the special meter at the bottom of the screen will unleash a special move.

If you are new to the whole thing, it might take a little of time before you master the game and the control setup. And also, the game's tutorial, being too short, doesn't really help your cause.

However, if you are wondering if the mobile version of it has cut out on all the gore elements of the original, those fears can be laid aside when you see Sub-Zero getting his face cut off in the training. Just because it's the App Store, it doesn't mean the devs are holding back on the in-game brutalities.

Ladder Battle
As expected, you progress in the game by battling your opponents. The game's battle mode remains as a sort of core element of the in-game player progression, where players will have to fight through ladders of enemies, facing the bosses and reaping rewards.

But,note that the game's Faction Wars mode will not be unlocked until 14 April (release of the game's console and PC versions). However, you can still be a part of one of five factions available and earn a reward at the end of each week, provided your faction wins.

Character Tiers
At the start of it, though, you will come across the three tiers of characters: bronze, silver, and Gold. There are different variations for each character that you can collect. Players can upgrade their characters by having the stats upgraded while levelling up. Accordingly, the players will also have access to the three tiers of special moves that can be unlocked and worked upon.

For this, there are special support and equipment cards available that you could use to make them better. Each character has its own special feature, aside the energy cost. This should help you carve out an impressive roster of characters that you can call upon anytime when in or out of a battle.

In-game Currency
There are also a few things that are needed to be considered when dealing with the in-game currency and monetisation system. Players will have access to "koins" and souls that they can buy, each of which will be given out during play. The soul currency, however, are earned at slighter rates and is difficult to come by.

As far as the Gold characters are concerned, note that you will get them with souls, either in the Kombat Packs or just buying them. Maybe it's even possible to buy Gold characters on a regular basis if you have enough souls to strike a deal, but we shall see.

Apart from that, Silver koins can be earned if you have allies in a battle, like friends who would like to help you in the game. You can also select one of your characters as your champion, who will then face off against others when called out to battle.

Definitely Worth it!
Overall, Mortal Kombat X on iOS shouldn't disappoint. Sure it isn't the same deal as the one that's coming around next week, but it still offers the joy of all the fatalities and spine-tingling finishing moves that will come around with the original, and a roster of new characters and features.

If you haven't tried out the new Mortal Kombat X for iOS still, "Get over here" to download and install the game.