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There are many people in the world, who claim to have seen aliens. Although we haven't found any definitive evidence as of now, that doesn't discourage the enthusiasts. More than that, anything found makes them more inclined towards finding proof. Recently some amateur UFOlogists have claimed that extraterrestrial figures are visible in the state of Utah. They have put across the claim after scouring satellite images.

These ufologists have found quite a bizarre image using Google Earth. The picture shows weird unified objects that are positioned in four rows. If one looks closely, figures of different shapes and poses can be seen in the image. Now, the believers are convinced that these are nothing but some objects from an alien planet.

However, other than showing the satellite images, the believers haven't been able to provide any other proof of those things being extraterrestrial. They also don't have an answer to the question as to why those things can be seen in Utah.

Also, we should note that this is not the first time that Google Earth users have used its satellite images to point out the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

In July this year, an alien enthusiast had announced that there was an UFO in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Greece. He also used some Google Earth satellite footage. The footage was uploaded on YouTube and it showed an object that looked quite similar to something like a flying saucer right under the ocean's surface.

A similar claim was made by UFO investigator Scott C, who had claimed to have found the missing aircraft Malaysia Airlines MH370 in a Cape Good Hope's Google image. He had seen the image around 1,200 miles away from South Africa's Cape Town. His findings fell in line with the discovery of the debris found on the country's east coast between Mozambique and Madagascar.

However, the strange thing was that the aircraft appeared to have mysteriously survived the crash mostly in one unharmed piece. The shadow under the water appeared as one unbroken large airplane.