amateur stripper
[Representative Image] 19-year-old salesgirl Patricia Rok 'shows a leg' for Mr Diaz during an interview to enter a competition for amateur strippers at the 'Nouveau Cabaret du Moulin Rouge' in Paris in November 1956.Serge Berton/BIPs/Getty Images

In a shocking 'morale-boosting' stunt, a female employee of an office walked naked while her boss and colleagues watched and even cheered her. The stunt was organised by her boss.

The woman was wearing nothing but sunglasses and black high heel boots as she walked around the office room in Warsaw, Poland. The video shows all the stockbrokers and salespeople standing, while the employee fully naked walking confidently only to "motivate other employees." She is also seen showing her middle finger to the camera while walking down.

This incident will remind people of the film The Wolf of Wall Street in which Leonardo DiCaprio's character hires some strippers to dance in office. In reality, the boss had asked the employee to walk naked.

According to local media reports, the boss paid the female employee a huge sum of money for the act. The unidentified woman resigned from the company after the video went viral on social media.

The video has received criticism with several people slamming the organisation and the boss. "People behave like animals, and why? For a piece of paper, they sell themselves and lose their self-esteem. Sad," one viewer said, according to local media.

"'The world is ending ... people behave like animals for what .... for a piece of paper they sell themselves, lose their dignity and respect. Sad and pathetic."

"No values, money rules this filthy world."

"The boss should be ashamed of himself. And so should she."

However, there were a few who defended the woman and said that she has a beautiful figure and should not be ashamed of that.

"I do not understand why so much fuss is being made here. The girl went naked by herself. I do not approve of it myself, but we should not be preconceived. It seems like some have never seen a naked lady before," one viewer said.

"I do not understand the scandal. The boss challenged the girl and she has nothing to be ashamed of. She has a beautiful figure."

Meanwhile, Katarzyna Kucewicz, a psychotherapist, said that this incident could affect her mental health.

"The situation she is in is undoubtedly traumatising. This is just like with rape. In the case of rape, the trauma grows over time. And here it may be similar, in the first weeks this girl may feel reconciled with what she did, maybe even laugh," the psychotherapist told local media.

"But we do not know yet whether she will begin to get symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. Our psyche is more fragile than we realise."