Moonlight drawn by clouds
Pictured: The poster for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.Facebook/Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds ended its successful run on October 18 by giving a happy ending to its lead characters Prince Lee Yeong and Ra On, the characters essayed by Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung respectively.

Since then, rumours swirling around have been hinting at the possibility of a sequel to the historical romance drama. Rumours further gained momentum when the series finale featured Kim Seul Gi as a eunuch-in-training. She is expected to play a major role in the next instalment.

In addition to that, the show managed to get a good rating right from the beginning and many believe it would make sense to come up with a second season as well. The seventh episode of the show touched the 20 percent viewership rating and the final two episodes touched 23.3 percent and 22.9 percent, respectively.

However, there is yet to be any formal confirmation regarding a season 2 of Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.

In other news, Kim Yoo Jung recently opened up about kissing Park Bo Gum, and revealed that she was more uncomfortable with her costume than the kiss.

"Truthfully, when I was filming [the kiss scene], I was more worried about the uniform I was wearing than the kiss itself," she told Biz Enter. The kiss in question caused quite a bit of controversy as Kim Yoo Jung is a minor.

Another scene that caused quite a stir was that of her wrapping her chest with bandage to hide her gender. Kim Yoo Jung played a eunuch in the first half of the historical romance drama. "While there was a worrying aspect of it, it was a necessary scene to show Hong Ra On's emotional state. It received attention because it turned out well, and there are other people who thought of it from a different point of view," the actress explained.