A Christian mom claims that Monster Energy Drink is a product of Satan
A Christian mom claims that Monster Energy Drink is a product of SatanReuters

Christian radicals are known to find unlikely connections between unsuspecting brands and the Satan. It has been done before and will be done again; right now, the Satanic target of a Christian woman, whose conspiracy theory went viral in a YouTube video, is Monster Energy Drink.

While mere mortals may see nothing more than a disfigured acrid-green "M" that looks like a monster's claw on the Monster cans, the Satan expert claims that each part of the M is the Hebrew symbol "vav", which stands for 6.

"Look closely," she says in "MONSTER Energy drinks are the work of SATAN!!!" posted to YouTube on 9 November, "There is a gap in the letter M. It's never connected... You go into Hebrew, the letter vav is also the number 6. Short top, long tail." She further adds that in Hebrew, the logo would translate to "666", which is the Devil's number.

If you are still not convinced that with every sip of Monster drink, you are glorifying Lucifer, she directs the viewers' attention to the letter "O" in Monster, particularly the cross within the O.

"What has Christ got to do with an energy drink, let alone the name monster?" she asks. Assuming it must be a Christian company, she further researched, only to find the letters "BFC" etched on the bottom of the can.
"That's the F word," she explains. "Big F*cking Can. In fact, they write it on the side of the can, so I know that's the F word. Now, do you know what a MILF is?"

When a person holding the camera replies yes, she shows an empty carton of Monster, which has the statement, "MILFs dig it, you will too". Since all this evidence points to this company not being a Christian one, why would they put the cross on the can, asks the bewildered lady.

"Here is the message, Anti-Christ" she purportedly states.

She refers to the terrifying, great "beast" that "The book of Revelation" claims will appear at the end of the age and points out the tagline of Monster energy drink: "Unleash the beast".

"You see these Ms everywhere; hats, T-shirts, bumper stickers," and even if you chose to ignore the Ms, the cross within the "O" cannot be overlooked. "It is witchcraft," she says.

As you take a sip form the can, going bottom's up, so does the cross and the devils laughs, she says.

"This is how clever Satan is and how he gets into the Christian homes, and a Christian's life; and it breaks God's heart."

The woman who wishes to spread her "knowledge" leaves the crowd with, "Jesus said, 'My people perish from lack of knowledge.'"

This is not the first time Monster Energy Drinks have come under the radar of Christian conspiracy theorists. In October 2013, Ranford Flemings had posted a video "Monster Energy Drink represents Satan's Name in Hebrew 666 = ISON is Satan!". In the video, he accused anyone drinking Monster of "supporting Satan and the building of his kingdom on earth."