Taking pot-shots at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Gujarat Chief Minister of BJP Narendra Modi said that money grown on trees like 2G spectrum and Coalgate scams for the Congress.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra ModiAC
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra ModiAC

His comment came a day after the Prime Minister's televised address to the nation, in which Singh tried to justify economic reforms rolled out by the UPA.

Singh suggested that the last week's big-ticket reforms were necessary in order to deal with the crippling economy, saying "money doesn't grow on trees."

"How can a great economist like him try to convince the people in such a language? PMji, people of this country know that money doesn't grow on trees," Modi was quoted by Press Trust of India, while commenting on Singh's speech.

Modi dubbed 2G spectrum and Coalgate scams as trees which bore money for Congress. He alleged that Congress party was directly involved in these scams and made lots of money.

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Earlier, Modi said at a rally that the Manmohan Singh-led government has modified the definition of democracy and turned the Indian government into a "government for the foreigners, by the foreigners and of the foreigners".

Modi said that the UPA has looted coal of the nation and asked if Gujarat should be given into the hands of those who have already ruined Delhi.

Manmohan Singh in a televised address to the people of the country on Friday underscored the need for bold decisions to rev up the slow-paced Indian economic growth rate, as the country too has been affected by the global economic meltdown that hasn't spared countries including the United States and Europe.