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Palestinian girl wearing the headband of Hizb ut-Tahrir takes part in a rally calling for Khilafah, or Islamic rule, in Gaza City (representational image)Reuters

A 29 year-old woman in Malaysia, whose two children were allegedly converted to Islam by her husband without her knowledge, has sought for the reversal of the decision from the Islamic Centre.

S.Deepa from Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan has alleged that her estranged husband, 30-year-old N. Viran had taken their children aged five and eight to the Islamic Centre where the staff had converted them to Islam.

Deepa, a hair salon owner said that she has been separated from her husband since his release from jail and subsequent conversion to Islam. She added that her husband, a lorry driver left her and her children about 16 months ago and never supported her financially.

"On 4 April, this year around 10 am I went to pick up my son, five-year-old Mithran. He was not there and I was told that my husband had taken him away. Coincidently I went to Pusat Dakwah Islamiah Negeri Sembilan in Paroi to collect the confirmation letter of Viran's conversion to Islam to submit to the court for a divorce. I was shocked to see Mithran and my eight-year-old daughter, Sharmila, with my husband at Pusat Dakwah Islamiah Negeri Sembilan," she said at a press conference according to FMT.

Deepa said that she found the Islamic Centre had converted her children and even changed their names. Sharmila was renamed Nurul Nabila while Mithran as Nabil.

Deepa said that she argued with her husband for converting the children without her knowledge and permission and sought an explanation from the authorities of the Islamic centre. "I then demanded an explanation from the officer in charge whose name was Ustaz Zul and he told me that he converted my children as my husband told him that I was having an affair with another man and that I sold my body and I was unable to take care of my children," she said.

She claimed that when she requested Ustaz Zul to reverse the conversion she was asked to come the following day. "When I returned the next day, Ustaz Zul told me the matter was out of his hands and that I have to go to Syariah Court to seek redress."

She said she lodged a complaint with the police following the incident. Hindu Right Action Force's (Hindraf) lawyer. S. Karthigesan, who represents Deepa on the case said, "Converting kids without the consent and knowledge of the mother is a direct confrontation with the freedom of religion."