Following the death of a pregnant elephant after biting a cracker, BJP leader Maneka Gandhi had criticized people living in Malappuram district of Kerala for inciting violence.

Through her tweet, Maneka Gandhi was apparently targeting the Muslims in Malappuram, who are the majority in the state. However, the tweet made by Maneka Gandhi was factually incorrect, as the unfortunate incident of elephant death happened in Palakkad, and not in Malappuram.

The elephant just before her death

Maneka Gandhi receiving criticisms from all corners

The comments made by Maneka Gandhi soon went viral, and several right-wing extremists tried to label Malappuram as a place where violence against humans and animals is quite common. Even though people in Kerala tried to inform the real truth behind the incident, all their efforts went in vain, and netizens succeeded in labelling this Muslim-majority district in Kerala as a hotbed of violent activities.

Now, popular Mollywood director Mithun Manuel Thomas has lashed out at Maneka Gandhi for making such an irresponsible and factually incorrect comment on elephant death incident. Mithun, on his recent Facebook post, revealed that Keralites consider people like Maneka Gandhi as comedians, and added that she is trying to incite communal violence among people in the country.


"Dear Maneka madam.. !! You guys are already the biggest comedians for us Keralites!! And a very interesting fact is you will never understand why! To put the why in simple words - schooling and literacy were taken very seriously since our great grandparents' time while your folks then were busy getting trained at betrayal and hatred.. !! So, keep on playing your communal card, and keep us more entertained..!! Its tough corona times. A good laughter can really elate the mood," wrote Mithun on his Facebook page.

Apart from Mithun Manuel Thomas, director Aashiq Abu also criticized the move of right-wing extremists in turning this incident to a communal issue. In his recent Facebook post, the director made it clear that he supports Malappuram in this heated row.

Investigation underway

During yesterday's press conference, Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan told the media that investigation is underway to nab the culprit who implanted crackers, that resulted in the death of the pregnant elephant. Vijayan also assured that strict legal actions will be taken against the people who are behind this heinous act.