Gayathri Suresh

Gayathri Suresh, the dazzling starlet of Mollywood, has revealed that she was asked to do compromises by some film industry people over the phone. The 'Jamnya Pyari' actress made these remarks while talking with RJ Mike in a radio program organised by Red FM.

During the interview, RJ Mike asked the actress about casting couch, and Gayathri Suresh revealed that some people have asked her over Whatsapp messages whether she is ready to do compromises to get roles in films. However, Gayathri made it clear that she has not responded to any of such messages.

Young actor Dhruvan who was also present in talk show revealed that Gayathri should have reacted strongly to such demands. But Gayathri argued that avoiding them and not responding to their messages are the best answers she can give to such people. Gayathri also made it clear that she is not ready to post screenshots of these casting couch requests on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

During the talk, Gayathri Suresh also revealed that most impeccable actor in the Malayalam film industry is Nedumudi Venu. She also added that her first crush in Mollywood was Nivin Pauly.

"I had a crush towards Nivin Pauly (while working in the movie Sakhavu). I am now single, and I am ready to mingle. Until now, I had two relationships. One relationship lasted for four years, and the other one lasted for just six months. The relationship that lasted for six months was perhaps the last," said Gayathri.

A few weeks back, Parvathy Thiruvoth, while talking with RJ Mike had revealed that all actresses must react strongly to casting couch demands. As per Parvathy, actresses should not hesitate to react when such circumstances arise, and she asked everyone to put a #metoo hashtag and post experiences on Twitter or Facebook.