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Apart from shooting, actor Mohit Malik is busy welcoming Ganpati bappa into his home. International Business Times, India, got in touch with the actor to talk about shooting in this new normal, Ganpati celebrations and more.

How does it feel to be back on the sets? Does the looming fear of COVID-19 take a toll on one's performance?

It's honestly a very different feeling to be back on the sets right now. The whole atmosphere and environment is completely different compared to how it was earlier. There are lesser people on set, social distancing is being cautiously maintained, major safety and hygiene precautions are in place as well. Though all of this is in the current need of the hour, it really gives an unfamiliar feeling. I am someone who has always been used to having lots of people around while shooting, whom I can connect with, discuss my scenes, improvise with them; so I am really hoping that things will get back to the old normal soon!

What have been the precautions you have been taking?

Like everybody else, I am also following the necessary precautionary measures of social distancing, sanitization, and regular health checkups. I feel that at the end of the day we have to take things in our own hands and ensure that our safety along with those around us is well in place.

What made you say yes to shooting amid this pandemic?

I am someone who is very attached to my work and cannot stay away from a shooting set for long. After my last show I did manage to get a good break due to the lockdown, so getting back to work after the much-needed break was the right decision. Hence, without delay, I decided to take up.

What are your childhood memories associated with Ganesh Chaturthi?

I don't have any childhood memories associated with Ganesh Chaturthi as my childhood was spent in Delhi. Whatever memories I have of the festivals are from the ones in Bombay, where I moved 11 years back. This is my 11th year of getting Ganpati to our house. And interestingly, every year the height of the idol has only been increasing. I remember the first year of our marriage, we were staying in a small rented house. Aditi and I got a small Ganpati home, decorated it really well and invited friends over. That was a really special Ganesh Chaturthi for us.

What do you enjoy the most about Ganpati festival?

The festival is more like a huge celebration which is followed by people all over our country! The positive vibe and love that it radiates is just amazing! It actually brings people together, due to their devotion to Lord Ganesha which is truly the most beautiful part of the festivities!