Mohanlal fans are all in a state of ecstasy, as Fazil has announced a sequel to the 1993 blockbuster 'Manichithrathazhu'. Mohanlal will once again portray the role of Dr Sunny in this movie, and the film will once again narrate the story of Nagavalli, a Tamil dancer who was killed by Sankaran Thampi.

Who will portray the role of Nagavalli in Manichithrathazhu?

In the 1993 movie, it was Shobhana who did the role of a woman who was possessed by the ghost of Nagavalli. As per the latest updates, in this sequel, veteran actress KPAC Lalitha will play the role of Nagavalli, and the director has already narrated the script to the actress.

Mohanlal and KPAC LalithaYouTube

"In the prequel, KPAC Lalitha did the role of Innocent's wife. The film will portray a thrilling story where Nagavalli's soul possesses KPAC Lalitha. As things go out of hand, Innocent will seek the help of Dr Sunny (Mohanlal), and the remaining film will narrate his journey to lock the violent soul of the Tamil dancer,'' said a close source to the movie.

KPAC Lalitha learns dancing?

Director Fazil has apparently asked KPAC Lalitha to learn some dance steps for the movie. Even though the film does not feature long dance scenes like the prequel, there is a scene where Nagavalli falls flat for Mahadevan. In this scene, KPAC Lalitha will have to perform some classical dance steps, and she is apparently planning to learn it from Shobhana.

Fazil has also asked Mohanlal to gain some weight for this movie, as Sunny is now an old man of 60 years. Makers of the movie are currently in talks with Suresh Gopi and Shobhana, and if everything goes well, the duo will appear in cameo roles in this film.

So, are you expecting KPAC Lalitha playing the role of Nagavalli? As today is April 01, we believe you should wait for some more years to see a possible sequel to Manichithrathazhu. Have a good laugh on April Fool's Day.