Katrina Kaif and Mohammad Kaif in the cricket studio
Katrina Kaif and Mohammad Kaif in the cricket studio.Twitter

Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif happened to meet Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif in a cricket studio in London and shared a picture on Twitter, after which all hell broke loose on the social networking site. Mohammad Kaif sort of cleared the air on speculations of them being related or possibly being in a relationship in the future because of a common surname.

"Finally the Kaif's meet. PS- As clarified earlier, abhi tak koi rishta nahi , except insaaniyat ka :) (sic)", said Mohammad Kaif. This sends fans in a tizzy on Twitter, as to what he meant by "abhi tak" (not yet), since he is already married.

In September 2018, in an #AskKaif session on Twitter, a fan had directly asked Mohammad Kaif if he was related to Katrina Kaif. "Sir are you related to Katrina Kaif? If not, then do you think there's a chance in the future? ;) #AskKaif (sic)," the fan had asked, to which Mohammad Kaif had replied that they were "not related yet" although he is already married. 

Mohammad Kaif had replied to the question as "Not related yet :) Baaki, already happily married. But heard an interesting story of how Katrina got her surname Kaif, according to that story it has a connection with my name."

According to the Bollywood grapevine, Katrina Kaif's father's name is Mohammad Kaif but since he is estranged from her mother Suzanne Turquotte, she used her mother's surname. Hence, when she came to India, her name was Katrina Turquotte but was changed by Ayesha Shroff, the producer of her first movie Boom, to Katrina Kaif. The actress is also rumoured to have said that she took the last name Kaif as the cricketer was famous back then.

But Katrina Kaif's information on Google says that her father's name is indeed Mohammad Kaif and that he is of Kashmiri origin, though there is no confirmation or denial from Katrina. 

Well, at least there is confirmation from Mohammad Kaif the cricketer that he is not related to Katrina and that he is happily married! Still, he was reminded by fans that his wife follows him on Twitter! "Watch it, bro! Your wife follows you on twitter", a fan said. While another said, "Who said koi rishta nahi? We all Indians are brother and sisters."

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