Modi Jinping
Chinese President Xi Jinping with Indian Prime Minister Narendra ModiMEA Spokespeerson's Twitter Account

Prime Minsiter Narendra Modi is set to make his first visit to China after coming to power last year, though he has already visited the neighbouring nation as the chief minister of Gujarat. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping will host Modi in his hometown of Xian, in a bid to recreate the magic of the reception he got in Modi's hometown last year.

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Here is Modi's schedule while he is in China for three days, as provided by the Ministry of External Affairs on its website. 

14 May - Xian

Modi will leave for China a little after midnight on Thursday, and will arrive in Xian, the capital of Shaanxi province. 

He will then join a summit meeting with Jinping on Thursday afternoon in Xian. 

After the meeting, Modi will tour Xian, known for its cultural sites linked to Chinese history. 

The Indian PM will then leave for Beijing on the same day. 

15 May - Beijing

Chinese  Premier Li Keqiang will formally welcome Modi in Beijing on Friday. The two will then hold talks and are expected to sign several agreements, according to the Ministry fo External Affairs. 

Modi will then hold the very first meeting of the India-China State and Provincial Leaders' Forum, a plan envisioned to involve state leaders in international talks. 

Among the Indian chief ministers who will join Modi in the meeting in Beijing are Gujarat CM Anandi Patel and Maharshtra CM Devendra Fadnavis. 

One of the events to watch is the Yoga-Tai Chi joint event, the former propogated by Modi and the latter a Chinese martial art. It will take place at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. 

Modi will also address Chinese youth during this visit, having already broken the ice with them by joining the Chinese social media platform Weibo. He will make an address at Tsinghua University in Beijing. 

16 May - Shanghai

Modi will head to his final destination in China, Shanghai, which according to the MEA, is primarily a 'business stop'. 

Modi will meet top CEOs of China, a business meeting he is known to have on several of his foreign trips, and is likely to sign several business agreements. 

While in Shanghai, Modi will also visit the Fudan University where he will inaugurate a Centre for Gandhian Studies. 

While this was the itinerary,  Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar stated the crux of Modi's visit to China. 

"You may expect that a full range of political issues would be discussed – bilateral ties, regional issues, multilateral issues. Not just political matters but economic issues will also come up, issues relating to trade, to investment, to our collaboration on infrastructure projects, and I think a broader set of sort of people-to-people contact related issues, tourism, travel, local level contacts," Jaishankar said. 

How to Follow Modi's China trip

While Indian and Chinese media will extensively and intensively cover Modi's trip to China, there are also other ways you can stay abreast of the high-profile goings-on. 

One of the best ways is to track Modi's personal Twitter account and that of his Prime Minister's Office

MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup is also likely to make constat updates through his official Twitter account, much like his predecessor Syed Akbaruddin. 

The Ministry of External Affairs website is also likely to update developments of Modis' trip. 

To know what the Chinese media are saying about Modi, here are some of the news sites you can check - Xinhua, China Daily and Global Times.

Where to Watch LIVE

Modi's three-day trip will also be covered live by state broadcaster Doordarshan

You can also watch Modi's trip live on Youtube channels.  

The PMO India Youtube channel will cover every part of Modi's China trip live, starting from Modi boarding a plane to China

Other channels to watch are - Modi LIVE and Narendra Modi

You can also check for live streaming on, a website that closely covers all of Modi's events.